North Dakota bound |

North Dakota bound

I will be headed back to North Dakota this weekend to check up on my parents and the rest of the family.

I’ve heard that it is really dry there especially in the north central region. I will be in northeast North Dakota so I will be curious to see how the crops are doing. It has also been very hot there. The only good thing about hot, dry summers in North Dakota is that there will be fewer mosquitoes.

We used to grow a lot of wheat in North Dakota but have switched to more corn and soybeans when we had varieties that could survive our short growing season. We also have a lot of sugar beets and potatoes.

Yesterday here in Greeley, Colo., we had a gully washer of a rain. There was some hail in that rain but not enough to do any damage in my neighborhood. But I pulled my plants in just in case. This is the first year that I’ve been in Colorado where we’ve had rain in the summer, hence the mudslides that have been plaguing some areas.

Of course, the rain was enough to cause some issues at the Greeley Stampede but it didn’t impact the rodeo as you will see in this issue. After last year, I think people were excited to get out and do something they would normally do in the summer. The crowds were fantastic and I’m sure that will be the case at all of the events this year.

I hope you all got to go out and celebrate the Fourth of July this year in stellar fashion. That’s my plan for this year’s celebration.


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