Odds and ends

So my husband got his flu shot today. Whew, now I can take off my mask when I’m at home with him. Just kidding, I haven’t gotten my shot yet, but I plan to as soon as I can find a quick and easy way to do it. I will probably schedule an appointment at Walgreens just because that’s my go to pharmacy.

If you haven’t gotten a shot yet, there are plenty of ways and places to get one so I hope you will git ’er done.

My husband and I went to Sam’s Club the other day and about half the people there were not wearing masks so I’m assuming they have been vaccinated.

I personally hate wearing a mask. I have to wear glasses to read and they get fogged up when I wear a mask. So I put on my mask, take off my glasses and when I have to read put on my glasses and pull my mask below my nose so I can see. I’m also pretty sure I’m allergic to the masks as they make my nose itch.

This is my “everything but the kitchen sink” editor’s note so bear with me.

Sorry I couldn’t make it to Sterling, Colo., for MeatIn Day Dave. I had a chance to go to my granddaughter’s volley ball game and I took it because we haven’t been able to go previously because of COVID. This weekend is soccer so I am really excited. But I did eat meat in honor of Colorado’s livestock producers.

To one of my favorite readers, Dwayne Essary, who lives near Yoder, Colo., thanks for the call the other day and the compliments. As you can see, I haven’t been cancelled yet.

This may surprise some of you but not everyone agrees with my opinions and some readers are not so nice when they call or email me. So any time I get thanks and encouragement it means a lot.

Thanks also to Dale from Loveland, Colo., for his encouragement.

I also want to thank Niquole Knapp, a member of the Rocky Ford FFA Chapter, who quoted The Fence Post in her speech on the lack of appreciation for agriculture and ag producers. She is going to be a great advocate for all of you.

Finally, thanks to all of you who set me straight on Saturday Night Live, it was Dan Aykroyd and not Chevy Chase who uttered the famous works “Jane you ignorant slut” to Jane Curtin.


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