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Oh ‘deer’ season

It’s deer hunting season in the Midwest and, as usual, there are going to be people who do goof ball things.

Saw this headline in the Grand Forks Herald recently and had to chuckle: “Man shot deer from upstairs bedroom window, and a day early.”

What! He shot a deer a day before hunting season started? What an idiot, especially when he shot it from the comfort of his own home. Couldn’t he have waited just one more day?

What’s even more stupid is that the man lived near a conservation officer.

The fact that he shot the deer from his upstairs window didn’t really surprise me. The man was from Detroit Lakes, Minn., and it is cold there during deer hunting season.

I know that you can’t shoot a deer from inside of a vehicle but I’m not sure about from a window in your house. And the story that followed the headline really didn’t enlighten me.

“Aside from shooting a deer out of season … there are a couple of other violations present, too,” the article said. And it went on to say that because the case is still under investigation they couldn’t go into any detail about it.

There were many times I went deer hunting in North Dakota and I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to shoot a deer if I saw one because my hands were frozen.

And there were other times when we had to drag a deer for miles in hip-deep snow. But at least then you were moving and staying warm.

I remember one year it was cold but sunny. I managed to find a perfect spot on the side of a hill out of the wind with the sun shining on me and promptly fell asleep. That was probably the last year I went deer hunting. That was after the year I got sprayed by a skunk and the time a fox came after me.

But I have to admit, I was never really that serious about it. I like venison as much as anyone but it doesn’t matter if I shoot the deer or someone else does.

I do know that if I do go hunting again, I will go with my brother-in-law who enjoys gutting deer. In his words, “Happiness is a warm gut pile.” ❖

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