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Pitts is back

So Lee Pitts and I got our wires crossed the last couple of weeks. As many of you have noticed, as indicated by all your calls and emails, Lee’s column “It’s the Pitts” was missing from the magazine.

Turns out he thought he had sent them to me but I didn’t get them. He faithfully sends a month’s worth of columns at the end of the month, and when I didn’t get them I emailed him but he didn’t respond. So I started to get worried and emailed some people that I thought might know him and asked it he was okay.

Finally, he emailed me wondering why his column wasn’t in the Sept. 6 issue and I told him that I didn’t get his columns.

Now all is right with the world and Lee Pitts is back in the magazine.

In other news, Rachel Gabel and I were in Belle Fourche, S.D., this week for a meeting with our colleagues. It looked pretty dry in most of the country we drove through, but the night we decided to have a potluck picnic outside it rained. The rain didn’t dampen our event because it was much needed moisture for the area.

We had a great time and the best food ever at the Branding Iron, which I highly recommend you go to if you are in Belle Fourche.


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