Russia should have been stopped before war heated up |

Russia should have been stopped before war heated up

The war in Ukraine is dragging on as more and more people are fleeing or being killed.

In the meantime, the U.S. is trying to send more money to the country.

In my humble opinion, we should have bombed all those trucks driving across Ukraine from Russia before the attack, instead of just flying drones over them.

That would have sent the message that the U.S. was not going to put up with any dictator trying to take over another country.

I don’t like the thought of our troops going to the Ukraine to fight, but I think in the long run it would have saved millions of dollars and people’s lives. Especially if all the NATO countries joined in defeating Putin.

Instead, we have millions of displaced people, who have lost everything including their loves ones.

It breaks my heart to see all those children in the refugee camps crying to go home or to see their fathers.

Now the Russians are stealing farm equipment and crops from storage bins in Ukraine.

Fortunately, the equipment they stole couldn’t be used because it was electronically locked. But they will have their equipment dealers working on that equipment to use it or take it apart and sell the parts.

The grain they are selling, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that they are selling it to other European countries.

He wouldn’t name the countries, but he did warn them that this was not in the best interest of the war effort for other countries to purchase grain stolen from his country.

In other news, I heard an editorial on the radio the other day about paying off student debt that hadn’t occurred to me before.

The piece was written by a Marine who served in the military, and he reminded me that there is a way to get a free education, but you must serve your country to qualify.

I feel rather sheepish about not included this in my rant recently about not paying off students’ loans. Both my daughters and my son-in-law used their GI Bills to pay for their schooling.

The writer pointed out that Biden’s plan to pay off student loans would be a slap in the face to the people who joined the military, many who fought for us lost lives and limbs, and made the ultimate sacrifice to get their education paid for.

In the meantime, we continue to pray for the Ukrainians and an end to this terrible war. And, to college students looking for a way to attend college free, join the military.


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