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Show up for Victoria’s Facebook page

We are not ashamed of running yet another story, an update, on the situation with Ellen Kessler, the animal activist who has been appointed to the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Our efforts to stop this appointment are so important especially as now she has targeted 4-H youth, saying that 4-H clubs, “teach children that animal lives don’t matter.”

I just read a story on AgDaily about Victoria Banks, a member of a 4-H club in Michigan who started a Facebook page to share her 4-H projects and activities with others.

The page is called Victoria’s 4-H Page and recently one of her friends shared a photo of Victoria and her hog Tequila to a group called Vegan Revolution.

As you can imagine Victoria’s page was flooded with negative comments, which Victoria’s mother described as “aggressive, demeaning, vulgar, hateful and disgusting.”

In other words, the animal activists were bullying a 14-year-old at a time when bullying is being blamed for many pre-teen and teen suicides.

Luckily they messed with the wrong person this time.

Although her parents were skeptical, Victoria decided to keep her page pubic because she respects others opinions and is not ashamed about anything that she does and has nothing to hide.

“Everyone has different opinions, and I never said that anyone’s opinion is wrong because it is not like mine. Not allowing people to express them is wrong,” Victoria said in the AgDairy article. “I respect everyone for their opinion but was never rude to those who believe differently than I do.”

So just as all of you supported our #showingup for rural Colorado campaign, let’s share that support for Victoria on her Facebook page Victoria’s 4-H Page.

Let’s let her know that she is not alone and that her courage and convictions in the face of this onslaught from animal activists is appreciated.

In other news, the mail disruption is killing chicks. According to the Portland Press Herald, at least 4,800 dead chicks have been received in Maine. Maybe the animal rights people should turn their attention to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and quit bullying 14 year olds.

P.S. Let’s keep our thoughts and prayers with the firefighters and others working to keep wildfires under control and the people who are impacted by these disasters. Also, there are many people, mostly volunteers, housing and feeding people and animals displaced by the fires. ❖

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