Stay calm and wash your hands |

Stay calm and wash your hands

As I am writing this I am listening to a press conference and President Donald Trump has just declared a national emergency in response to the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19.

I admit until today I have been on the fence about this virus.

At first I thought it was just a political ploy to embarrass the president but I’m now convinced that it s a serious problem and that we all need to take heed.

Even if you are healthy and not concerned about the virus, you do need to take caution because you could endanger the elderly and people with underlying health issues.

Luckily, I work from home now, and I just heard from my sister in North Dakota that the nursing home where my parents reside has been closed to visitors.

What I am annoyed with is that the mainstream media wants to politicize the virus and place blame for its spread. It’s a medical issue not a political issue.

I am listening to the press conference and some of the reporters are asking the president about how long the virus is going to be around and when he thinks that the shortage of hand sanitizer will be solved. He’s the president not a doctor and not a maker of hand sanitizer.

I have never used hand sanitizer because I’ve survived many flu epidemics before there ever was hand sanitizer. As you will hear over and over again, “Wash your hands.”

The press is also freaking out because Trump was seen in a photograph with someone who allegedly tested positive for the virus. I’m pretty sure if the president of the United States of America has symptoms he will be tested. And if the press is so worried about him having the virus what are they doing at the press conference? They are also speculating that he looks sick and tired. I would be sick and tired if I was responsible for guarding the American people from a fast spreading pandemic.

One reporter even asked why the elderly are so susceptible to the virus. What rock has he been hiding under?

I also have concerns about the people who are hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer and spreading misinformation about coronavirus.

We need to put our trust in the Centers for Disease Control and medical personnel and not our friends on Facebook.

And, I would advise people to not seek to get tested for the virus unless they have symptoms. If there’s a limited amount of tests, it would behoove us to make sure that the people who are really in need of testing have it available to them.

What is required in this environment is common sense. You can bet there are a lot of very intelligent people around the world that are working on a way to slow the spread of the coronavirus and, if possible, find a cure. Although that’s highly unlikely as there is still no cure for the common cold or the flu.

Unfortunately, the stock market and ag markets are suffering but we have to believe there will be an end to this virus and that the markets will recover.

I would caution anyone who plans to attend public events to check ahead to make sure they haven’t been cancelled or postponed.

In the meantime, I will be making hand sanitizer in my garage and selling it for a premium price. ❖