The wolves are at the door |

The wolves are at the door

I have to wonder about the plan to move wolves into Colorado. I’ve read all the arguments for and against this action and I still can’t understand the merits.

And where are the animal activists? They should be against forcibly moving wolves away from their homes. If wolves want to move to Colorado they can. It’s obvious, even though they have seen wolves here, most wolves don’t want to live here. Could it be because there are too many people here? And what are we going to do if the wolves that are brought here don’t want to stay?

If people in Denver really want wolves in the state, I say we should fence in the city and drop the wolves into the middle of the city. That way people who voted to bring wolves to Colorado will be able to observe them and they can’t leave the state.

I have nothing against wolves, but I would rather not meet a hungry one in the woods.

In Greeley, people get freaked out when they see a coyote. I am on a neighborhood website and every week a resident posts a coyote sighting and warns everyone to keep their pets indoors. Imagine what would happen if they saw a wolf in their neighborhood? They would have to include small children in their warning.

Not to mention, voting for wolves is voting against livestock and wild animals like deer and elk.

Maybe we could just bring vegan wolves into Colorado. Of course I’m being facetious but I’ll bet there are some people in this world who believe this is possible.

I think our tax dollars would be better spent on other more important issues like homelessness, educating our children, controlling the spread of coronavirus and helping businesses that are suffering because of coronavirus.

Seems to me we have enough divisiveness in this state, do we really need more issues to polarize people?

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