Threats to agriculture abound |

Threats to agriculture abound

While our president is telling his constituents that the greatest threat to the United States is systemic racism, cyber-criminal groups are attacking and paralyzing U.S. businesses, recently causing disruptions in the oil and gas industry and the nation’s food supply.

Call me crazy, but as lawmakers are preparing to pass a transportation bill they might want to include funds to fight these hackers that are hamstringing U.S. industries.

We have a lot of smart people in this country who I’m sure can trace the hacks and find out where they are coming from. But there has to be some way to punish these people so that others won’t repeat these heinous acts.

In the meantime, private companies and government agencies need to strengthen their computer networks to prevent these hacks.

While I am writing about the Biden administration and his fight against systemic racism, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. This act provides $4 billion to forgive loans for “socially disadvantaged” farmers and ranchers, but excludes white farmers and ranchers.

How can you fight racism and at the same time promote it?

Thankfully some farmers and ranchers are pushing back on this program by suing the Biden administration for discrimination. If you want to read more, see Rachel Gabel’s in this issue.

Another issue on the horizon is the president’s attempt to end the oil industry. He may not know this but high gas and diesel prices have a negative impact on agriculture and farmers and ranchers efforts to feed the world. I’m curious to know how they are going to make tractors that run on electricity, not to mention trains that carry grain to the ports for export and the huge ships that transport ag products overseas.

Speaking of electricity, what would happen if we were solely dependent on electricity and our power grids were attacked by hackers? Just another reason for the federal government to turn its attention to cyber criminals and put a stop to their criminal acts.

Sorry to spread doom and gloom but there are so many issues today that could potentially harm the agriculture industry and we have to be vigilant. People who are generations away from agriculture need to know that their food supplies are in danger due to the federal government’s interference.

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