Trend setters? |

Trend setters?

Rachel Gabel came over to my house Thursday and we were talking about her daughter wanting to dress up as a beautician for school. Rachel, of course, suggested she dress as an ag journalist. Her daughter said she couldn’t because her stretch pants were in the clothes hamper.

And we laughed and laughed, because it’s so true.

Rachel was wearing stretch pants, claiming the jeans she was wearing when she got up that morning got manure-stained while she was feeding the cows.

I actually dressed in my Sunday-go-to-meeting-pants when Rachel came over and the only T-shirt I own that doesn’t have any holes in it.

Then as I was going through my email I found a story about Gucci selling grass-stained overalls for $1,400. What the heck.

I don’t know what started this trend where dirty, holey, commonly referred to as distressed, jeans have become fashionable, but I am certainly going to try to cash in on it. I have plenty of jeans that I could ruin and sell.

And just imagine home much Rachel’s manure-stained jeans would fetch.

I also read that one of the Kardashians sent her daughter to school with a $12,000 backpack. Who in their right mind would spend that much money on a backpack? That got me thinking back to my mother when she was bragging about how she spent only $5 on a backpack for my daughter.

I myself am famous for my rummaging skills, which is where I get a lot of my house décor. I once had a dream, or nightmare if you will, that I had a visitor to my home and she kept pointing at stuff in my home and asking me where I got it. Turned out everything she pointed at was obtained at a rummage sale.

Today, young people, including my granddaughter, have discovered rummaging but they call it thrifting. However, they don’t go to strangers’ garages for their findings, they go to thrift stores. I prefer not to shop in thrift stores because their prices are higher than at rummage sales and I can’t dicker for a lower price.

I think you can rest assured that I will not be carting around a $12,000 backpack. And, in the meantime, if anyone sees holey T-shirts for $1,000, let me know. ❖