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What the…

What the…

Well the Colorado legislature has been hard at work protecting its residents from being discriminated because of their hairstyles.

Yes, that is not a typo, it’s called the CROWN Act and it “prohibits discrimination on the basis of hair texture, hair type, and protective hairstyles like dreadlocs, twists, tight coils or curls, cornrows, bantu knots, afros and headwraps… ” And it’s poised to pass.

Talk about a nanny state.

I’m not saying people should be discriminated because of their hairstyle, but is this an issue that should be discussed or even voted on in the state legislature?

How about we teach out children not to discriminate against anyone for any reason whatsoever, and in the meantime, those people who feel they have been discriminated take their case to court. That’s what people do when they are discriminated against in the workplace because of their weight or their age. And it’s also the only course of action for people who are sexually harassed in their workplace.

In the meantime, we have dangerous drugs finding their way into Colorado by gangs, traffic issues that are going to continue to mount as the state sees more and more development — which is going to eventually lead to a big urban vs. rural fight over water, the high cost of housing, human trafficking, child abuse, controlling health care costs, keeping up with the deterioration of our highways, need I say more.

Instead, the Colorado legislature is more concerned about banning pet sales because of puppy mills.

This could be an easy fix also, by just inspecting anyone or store that is selling pets and shutting down puppy mills.

I know I probably sound like a curmudgeon but I remember when we used to conform to what employers wanted just to get a job. I remember going to school with a long-haired drummer who played with a local rock band. I ran into him years after graduation and his hair was cut short and he was wearing a suit. I almost didn’t recognize him. But he was happy and had a great job in a public relations firm. And he still played in a rock band.

Remember when you had to hide tattoos in order to get a job? Remember dress codes?

I know women who worked, and it’s probably still so, in law firms that had to wear nylons and weren’t allowed to wear open-toed shoes.

Back then we didn’t feel discriminated against we were just happy to have jobs and earn a living.

OK, enough ranting for this week.

One last thought, lest you forget this is your hard–earned money at work. ❖

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