Will we soon be driving electric cars?

President Biden signed an executive order pressing carmakers to increase sales of electric vehicles to 50 percent of new car purchases by 2030.

But a lot needs to happen before we will all be plugging in our vehicles, which is something we do in North Dakota when temperatures dip into the minus 30s and 40s.

First of all, the price of electric cars is so high that many of us cannot afford to buy them. I, for one, have had the same vehicle since 2007 and would prefer not have car payments added to my long list of monthly expenses.

Also, it is going to cost millions, possibly billions, of dollars to build charging stations all over the country. And, unlike gas stations, there are no businesses out there building them so that money will have to be provided by taxpayers.

I also believe that some carmakers are probably going to receive subsidies so that they can make the switch from making gas powered to electric powered vehicles. That money will also come out of taxpayer’s pockets.

We also need to build battery plants to handle the increase in electric vehicles. Most of the batteries are currently produced in Asia.

I am not against electric cars because they will reduce our carbon footprint. However we need to look at the process of manufacturing the vehicles, batteries and charging stations and make sure it doesn’t replace the carbon that we release by driving electric vehicles.

We will also need to shore up the electric grid in many parts of the U.S., to avoid power outages, which occur when the system is overloaded.


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