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Peace on Earth

 Yes, “peace on Earth and good will towards men.” What a novel idea. We are in that season and of course, we would all like to have peace on Earth and have everyone get along. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Of course it would, however most families and folks in the work place find it hard to “can’t we all just get along.” Famous quote from Rodney King after he tried to whup a half dozen police. The Bible says, “there will always be wars and rumors of wars.” So what’s the point of even trying to have peace on Earth. The point is, gentle readers, that should be forever our goal even if it seems ridiculous to even think in that direction.

It is Christmas time here in the heartland of America and it’s heart warming to see all of the lights here in the country as I drive into town for coffee at the T Bar. There are a few such as myself that are either too lazy or don’t get into the spirit as much as we should to do much decorating. I do have plans to string a few lights outside sometime in the very near future. There won’t be anyone here but ol’ Mad Jack and I don’t require much decorating. I will tell you that when the ground is covered with snow, a full moon out and a few rabbits out and about does give me a portion of peace on earth. 

Years ago when we lived in the city for a few short years it was easy to get into the Christmas spirit because there were so many folks that went out of their way to decorate and there still are. I just don’t go into the city and drive around. I always wanted to be in the country when all of this was going on. Why? It would be quieter. No kids racing down the street and sometimes just the hustle and bustle of folks getting all pumped up for the holidays left me a bit tired when I actually wasn’t. Just thought I was, if you get my drift.

I remember one Christmas when the kids were small and we had been advised Santa would arrive at our little digs there north of Amarillo. If I remember correctly it had snowed and we gathered the kids up and tried to explain to them that Santa just might show up and want to come in and give them some treats or small gifts. Sure nuff, we heard the faint jingle of bells out in the front yard and those kid’s eyes were wider than Grandma’s turkey platter. “I think I hear Santa’s sleigh out front, so let’s all make him feel welcome. Let’s grab the cookie plate so he can have a cookie with us.” The knock on the front door sent the kids into a frantic state in anticipation of Santa coming in the house. And come in the house he did with his “HO HO HO” and little sack of candy. It was a super fun night for us all. I never did figure out who the neighborhood Santa was, I was just glad he had the peace on Earth and good will to get out and about in the country and make little kids feel special. He made Little Miss Martha and I feel just as special on that cold snowy night in Amarillo.

Yes, folks, peace on Earth and good will toward men, is something we should all strive for. I’m not sure any of us at this time in our country even know how to get started in that direction. “I know, find a family or someone who could really use some help and give what you can. It will do you more good that the person receiving it. That’s the way it always seemed to work when our family sought out folks in our area and tried to make the holidays a little easier for them.

Christmas seems to come upon us at such a fast pace and then it’s over. It’s also a time when that empty chair at the table causes a lot of sadness and grief and it seems to some that everyone is happy and enjoying the season but them. Please try not to be “them” and realize, yes life is difficult at times but difficult times don’t last forever. In closing, let me wish all of you, a very MERRY AND JOY FILLED CHRISTMAS! If you celebrate in a different way, I hope it’s fun and memorable.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember the reason for the season, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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