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A cat tale

Boy, did I get chewed out this morning. A guest in my house was so angry because there were too many pillows on the couch and he couldn’t sit down without me moving the pillows. He didn’t even ask nicely, he just meowed with a shrill voice, looked at the couch and then at me, as if to say, “Duh, lady move this stuff! I need to sleep!” Who says cats can’t talk?

This cat is not a housecat, although he does have house privileges. If he does come in, he generally finds a spot and passes out, not to move for many hours. He snores too. His preference is to be covered with a light blanket and he lets me know when he wants to be covered. He heads for the bedroom, meowing all the way. He stops to look over his shoulder to make sure I am dutifully following him. He jumps up on the bed but doesn’t settle down until I get the blanket. Even when I have it ready to flip over him, he still is standing, making sure. And, he always hopes I will take a catnap too. If I don’t, he may move to the computer chair for his siesta in which case he entire blanketing escapade is just deemed cat control.

Unlike most cats, this one knows his name and will react when I call him. Now, I’m not expecting you to imagine that he comes when he is called — that would not be believable — but he does acknowledge the call by a turn of the head, as he walks by.

His name is Crimp, his formal name at the veterinarian is Mr. Crimpton. He is a solid gray cat that was born with a very sharp bend or crimp, in his tail. It’s as though the tail was shut in a door, but he just arrived that way. A vet told me that is a common trait in Siamese cats yet Crimp has no other Siamese features.

He’s a great mouser. Crimp is buddies with our other cat, which also has odd features. The second cat is white and has one blue eye and one green eye, as does his litter mate, another white cat. It seems that one would have two blue eyes, and the other two green eyes, but that’s not how they came out. I call ours “One-eye.” We gave the other one away.

Our two cats seemed to be eating a lot of dry food but after observing for a few days, I found the culprits were really blue jays. They feed when the cats aren’t around, unfortunately, for the cats. At least I got an idea of what happened to the cat food.

The moral of this story is know what you want and communicate your wishes. Don’t worry about your physical flaws, just enjoy your catnaps.

Sanders writes from their family farm on WG Flat, east of Oral, S.D. Her email is peggy@peggysanders.com.

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