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Beef it up!

Do you or anyone you know who likes to eat? Have I got a deal for you!

Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. Beef. The West Wasn’t Won on Salad. Where’s the Beef? Nicely Done, Beef. You Only Need One Ingredient to Taste Like a Hamburger. I’m a Secondhand Vegetarian; Cows Eat Grass, I Eat Cows. I Y Beef. Beef Up. Got Beef? Beef for Father’s Day. 100% Beef. Eat More Beef. Beef. It’s What’s for Christmas!

Is your mouth watering yet? That is what these slogan are designed to do, get you hungry for beef.

You decide you want to give beef for Christmas but don’t know how to get it delivered across the country. Here is the simple solution. Beef Certificates and Beef Gift Cards are products of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, and can be ordered from Lindy Harkins at or phone her at (605) 842-9066. She can take your credit card number which will expedite the transaction. She will also take orders to her mailbox at P.O. Box 451, Winner, SD 57580.

Yes, you can get the certificates or gift cards sent out in time for Christmas or any time throughout the year. The beauty of Beef Certificates is that they are like a check, with the only restriction is that the payment must be for beef. They can be used at grocery stores, restaurants, the local butcher or locker plant. All of this information is printed at the top of the certificate. On the certificate itself you will find instructions to merchants and how to treat them just like a check. The certificates are printed in $5, $10, $20, and $25 increments. In South Dakota, beef certificates can be purchased at the First Interstate Banks of Hot Springs, Sturgis, Belle Fourche, and Wall, the South Dakota Stockgrowers office in Rapid City and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council in Pierre.

Restaurants are more prone to not take checks and they prefer the gift cards which are through VISA, and they can also be used anywhere. The gift cards come in denominations of $25, $50, and $100 with beef as the focus of the meal. Both the gift cards and the certificates can be ordered only directly from Harkins.

These beef promotions started in South Dakota during 1967 and thousands of the certificates and gift cards are sold annually. They can even be used as donations to food banks, which will then purchase beef for their clients. Since the promotions are good all year long, the food banks can use them as needed without having to concern themselves with storing the beef.

The neighboring state I found that has a similar program is Iowa. According to their website, “You can order beef certificates and beef checkoff items from the Iowa Beef Industry Council website, or by calling (515) 296-2305.”

Surprisingly, Colorado and Nebraska don’t show a program of this type on their beef council, state cattlemen, or state cattlewomen’s websites. I heard from Tami Arnold, director of marketing, Colorado Beef Council and she confirmed Colorado does not offer these promotions.

Now you know how to easily share with friends and family, “This is the beef we like!”

Peggy Sanders

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