Measuring your day |

Measuring your day

At the end of the day a farmer can look back at how many acres he has disked, irrigated or harvested. A rancher counts his newborn calves, repairs his fence or works with his cows. All of these are quantifiable, physical, easy to see projects. Though the work never ends for farmers or ranchers, there are daily realizations of accomplishment.

Others may have to dig a little deeper to determine what made their day special. Medical workers may have saved lives or consoled family members. Uninterrupted office workers are pleased to see their piles of items needing filing or other action, dwindle by the end of the day. Reading to a toddler, baking cookies with a child or otherwise spending time with youngsters is a reward in itself. Working crossword puzzles, guessing answers on game shows or knitting a scarf are much more than just for passing the time, as they also interact with the gray matter in the brain.

On days when it seems like nothing has gone right or that you have just paddled in circles, or really any day, by answering these four questions, you may realize that your day, upon reflection, was a meaningful one.

Before going to sleep, consider this: What was the best thing that happened to you today? This may be especially important to those who think their life is mundane. Consider that bird that flew in, sat on a bush and entertained you with his song. Did other wildlife cross your path? Were you able to pick chokecherries that you will make into jelly? Were you blessed to see a spectacular sunrise or sunset? Sometimes the best event in a day might be attending school programs to watch grandkids, year after year. The same group of kids over the years can amaze with their progress — not to mention their growth — as they’ve matured.


We know that “laughter is the best medicine.” Evaluate your day, did you laugh out loud? I can recommend watching YouTube videos of Jeanne Robertson if you need a belly laugh. In fact, YouTube has a myriad of funny programs and clips, including The Carol Burnett Show. As you go through your day, funny things pop up. Share them; make someone else smile.

Did you reach out to someone today? That could be through a phone call or any other form of communication — including a letter. Remember those? Do you recall how you liked to receive them? We always said if we wanted to get a letter, we needed to send one, and invariably one would come in reply. Try it and see if it still works.

The last question might be, what have I learned today? That is a question only you can answer and you might be surprised.

Think back over your day and may you appreciate the joys and accomplishments, small or large.

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