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Strange things are happening at my house. First of all, there is a strange old woman following me around. I see her only occasionally when I pass a mirror, but I surely don’t recognize her. She smiles back at me just fine, but something just doesn’t seem right. Wisps of hair have turned gray though not a pretty gray. Perhaps it will turn strikingly white and she will like the change.

I planned on making a small fruit salad and I purchased one large banana. The following day I couldn’t find it. I asked if it was eaten with morning cereal or as a snack by any of the family members who traipse in throughout the day, always looking for nourishment. No one had even seen it. The following day I needed a tomato that was in the refrigerator, and there in the same plastic bag was the banana. Although I know the clerk packed it that way, I think the old woman was somehow involved.

A more common question than where is the banana is what happens to the other sock that is lost during laundry? Does it dissolve and become a giant lint ball? Maybe that is why the lint trap needs to be cleaned after sock loads. What do you do with the leftover sock? Does it become a spare, like an extra glove, that never gets worn? Does it get hung within view, just in case the missing sock ever appears and it can be re-matched? Does the owner realize that socks do not have to match and wear it anyway with a mismatch? I have grandkids who are more inclined to wear mixed socks than not. One even told me this week he was wearing one and one half socks on one foot and a single sock on the other. No, it didn’t feel weird, he told me. There was no response when I asked him why he would do that so I guess it was simply, because he could.

Now I am baffled at plastic dishware storage lids. They seem to multiply when no one is looking, yet when I need a lid for a specific container, I cannot find one that fits. I cleaned out my spare lids this week and found two that matched with bowls. I pitched the rest. I go through this exercise every few months. At least I don’t hoard the lids, hoping the mate will reappear.

While mowing our yard yesterday I noticed a single lamb’s ear plant standing alone. How did it get there? I surely didn’t plant it as I know how invasive they are and that they are nearly impossible to remove. The closest I have seen these plants is at a museum 25 miles away and the experience we had with trying to get rid of them lets me know I may have a fight on my hands. I don’t think I can blame birds or even that old woman.

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