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Scholarship opportunity

Now that school is back in session I’m betting there are juniors and seniors who are wondering what they are going to do after graduation. They’ve heard all of the talk about deep student debt and they don’t want to borrow a great deal of money that might take them 10 or more years to pay off. They may be anxious to enter the workforce, yet not sure what they aspire to do.

This could be where learning a trade at a technical school comes in — and with that an opportunity to win a Work Ethic Scholarship from the Mike Rowe Works Foundation at Sign up for his news blasts to keep up with the deadlines and read encouraging posts. Rowe is a proud supporter of those who want to work hard. A quick look at his website will give viewers a chance to check out various videos of scholarship recipients.

The application is not difficult yet it does require a bit more than just filling out a paper. Check the website for particulars and the S.W.E.A.T. pledge as written by Rowe.

The scholarships come with a string; recipients have to sign that pledge which consists of 12 statements. Roughly summarized they are: the recipient is grateful to be an American, recognizes the meaning of the pursuit of happiness, every job is an opportunity, passion is vital to success, debt is a negative in life, safety depends on you, show up early and stay late to stand out from the crowd, no whining, learn from all sources available, take responsibility — good or bad, the world is not fair and choose to work hard.


In 2019, there were 202 scholarships presented from Rowe’s foundation. According to the website, included in the group are Adrian Maas, Glenrock, Wyo.; Brant Grove, Beaver City, Neb.; Chandler Hartz, Lincoln, Neb.; David Eastwood, Aurora, Colo.; Dawson Winsor, O’Neill, Neb.; Jesse Christianson, Steamboat Springs, Colo.; Kody Rice, Rocky Ford, Colo.; Michael Blanc, Oakland, Neb.; Nathan Koeppe, Veblen, S.D.; Paul Sopko, Pueblo, Colo.; Paxton Kearns, Omaha, Neb.; Trenton Huffman, Holyoke, Colo.; William Arkfeld, Battle Creek, Neb., and Zachary Patterson, Craig, Colo. Several women from other states were also winners.

Rowe’s philosophy is most anyone who is willing be a responsible, dedicated worker and wants to earn a good living can find a place in the trades. The classes offered at a technical school might include culinary, computer aided design, wind turbine technology, various careers in health services, computers, farm and ranch management, business, EMT and paramedic, truck driver, automotive, diesel, robotics, machining and manufacturing, library technician, plumbing, electrician, welding, GIS mapping, media communications, horticulture technology and medical coding are a smattering of the courses available. Several also offered paid internships along with guaranteed employment after completion.

Rowe created and was the main man in the show “Dirty Jobs” which appeared on TV from 2005-2012. Now he hosts a show on Facebook titled, “Returning the Favor,” in which he and his crew recognize volunteers and their projects all across the country and he is always touting the idea of technical schools. ❖

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