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They vote!

A friend whom we will call Tom, told this true story. After his mother passed away, he had to do all of the estate work, the tedious tying up of loose ends. Part of his time was spent collecting from life insurance policies. When Tom called one company to inquire as to what paperwork to send, they told him to send a letter along with a death certificate. He asked, “Will you need a certified certificate or will a copy be all right?”

“A copy will be fine,” replied the company representative.

After the company received the correspondence, a customer service clerk called Tom and announced a certified copy with an original raised seal of the death certificate would be required. Remembering when he had asked about that three weeks earlier, before he mailed the papers if a certified copy was necessary, he had been told no. There may have been just a hint of irritation in his voice when reiterated what he had been told initially. Enough, apparently, that the employee helpfully announced, “Well, you can fax it.”

There are times one has to wonder how people even make it through the day, let alone vote and even multiply.

This next story I only read about, but I suspect it may have actually happened. An office clerk told her supervisor that they were almost out of paper for the copier. Then the clerk said, “Oh, never mind, I’ll just go print some more.”

She ran blank paper through the copier and made more “copies”—of blank paper.

Travelers are ripe for yielding interesting stories and I was part of these true happenings. During my college years I was a clerk in the gift shop at Mount Rushmore. As I eavesdropped on two elderly women who were gazing in awe at the Mount Rushmore, I realized that for some reason they had skipped the opportunity to watch the history video in the visitor center. One of them said, “Now, I recognize George and Martha, but who are the other two?”

One of my favorites was a zealous visitor who rushed up to me as soon as he came in the door of the gift shop, “How far to the Black Hills?” he inquired. Thinking he might have meant to say Yellowstone or some other destination, I asked him to repeat his question. He did and it was indeed the Black Hills. I had to tell him he had been driving in the Black Hills for over an hour. He was astounded. I still don’t know what he had been expecting.

When visitors come to our farm, we expect questions and many are commonly asked. The one that stands out for me is when a house guest and I were driving and met a herd of cows and the horseback cattlemen coming down the rural road. My friend queried, “Do they always ride horses to chase cows or are they doing it today for fun?”

Scary, isn’t it?

Peggy Sanders

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