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When times are hard

The good news this week is illustrated in a brief, fun video that is circulating on Facebook. Check out the Facebook page titled “Cassidy Fulford is with Cole Fulford.” They reside in Florida. For those with no access, let me paint the picture. The stars of the video are a gentle horse and two brothers, approximate ages 5 and 3. The horse is saddled and waiting for riders. The dilemma is the kids are short and the horse is tall. Like most farm and ranch kids, they sized up the situation and came up with a solution.

The older brother got down on his hands and knees, four-legged horse fashion, and his back became the step for the younger brother to get up onto the saddle. He still wasn’t tall enough to just swing his leg over, he had to grab leather and pull himself up and over. As soon as he cleared his brother’s back, the older boy stood up and gently assisted with a final push to get the younger one into the saddle. Once he got his leg swung over, the second brother followed and they were both horseback. It’s a cute video and fun to watch. I see a deeper meaning in all of it.

When people need help in Flyover Country, friends, neighbors and often the community jumps in to help. We’ve all seen stories of farmer neighbors bringing their combines and making quick work of a harvest for an incapacitated individual or a grieving family. A recent illustration from Colorado was on a day when friends buried their 2-year-old son. Two men who lived nearby knew there was a problem with the water system in the grieving man’s horse pasture, and after the burial they went and fixed the water. The next day one of the men swathed acres of hay for the family. These are the kinds of things that go unheralded, yet are deeply appreciated.

Doing what needs to be done without fanfare has also been happening in Hot Springs, S.D. Citizens observed weeds growing around sidewalks throughout town and determined to remove the eyesores. Business owners are responsible for keeping the areas presentable in front of their businesses including weeding, and removing snow from sidewalks. During the exceptional year of 2020, city workers sprayed the weeds, likely due to many businesses being closed or shopkeepers not being available to work with the public. This summer, the city is short several workers and are getting the absolute necessities handled. Businesses and towns people realized they had to step up and do their part throughout various parts of town. There was a problem and as community-minded individuals often do, they had a solution, as a volunteer movement grew. With the Fall River Hot Air Balloon Festival coming up on Aug. 27 through 29, people wanted to spiff up the town to welcome visitors and to generally show pride in their town.

It’s been happening and things are looking good. Thanks to those who have been able to help.

Peggy Sanders

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