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Wyoming girl makes good

Let me tell you about a book that is a gem simply because it is an uplifting and positive publication. “And the Good News Is … Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side,” by Dana Perino.

One of the most interesting things about Perino is she is one of us, from flyover country. Born in Evanston, Wyo., her family moved to Denver when she was 2, though she spent a great deal of time on her grandfather’s ranch. He was Leo Perino, Sr., of Newcastle, Wyo. You’ve likely heard Dana speak on TV for several years as I have, but I never connected her to the region. One day I heard her say she’d grown up around a ranch in Wyoming. Since then at various times she has mentioned the ranch and Newcastle. This background will help you understand why Perino is so down to earth and where she developed her work ethic.

Her book begins with an interesting incident in which she was involved while she was the press secretary for President George Bush, the younger. She learned several lessons in one day, and shares them.

In her writing Perino gives several tips that are good for everyone to practice; they are invaluable for young women and men as they begin their careers. She gives examples of each of these and expounds upon what she learned. Good lessons for all makes this book interesting and helpful for any age person.

“An important idea that (Dana) Perino impresses upon readers is to find mentors. This is imperative no matter your business position nor how low you may be in the job ranking.”

She talks about finding your own voice, indeed why it is important to not talk like a Valley Girl or speak in street slang when you are working to be professional. Perino speaks briefly on how to dress for business settings and being prepared for last minute presentations with a backup change of clothing.

She tells of many lessons learned from President Bush, among them to share the credit for a job well done, even to the point of downplaying your own actions.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Bush told her. Conversely, if something goes wrong with your work group, take the blame. Performing your job while keeping true to your values includes being loyal to your boss, something she was proud to do.

An important idea that Perino impresses upon readers is to find mentors. This is imperative no matter your business position nor how low you may be in the job ranking. Observe who is knowledgeable and approachable, and learn from them. As you climb the ladder of success, mentor those who come along. As a wise friend once told me, when you are the chief person in an office, your job is to prepare underlings well enough that they could take over your duties. Teach them, send them to available classes and let them learn to lead. This encourages individuals to improve themselves, which makes for a more productive and positive work environment.

Currently Dana Perino is a co-host of “The Five,” on Fox News. Her upbeat book would be a welcome gift as she tells the “good news.” ❖


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