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You are needed

With all of the 24-hour news sources and social media we hear of many “heroes” every day. Many of the stories just happen to be picked up or posted by someone. The truth is most of you do good things for which you get no credit — and usually you wouldn’t want it anyway. That is simply how you live. Make no mistake, your kind actions and words do make a difference in the lives of others. It is the little things that mean the most to our neighbors.

One spring day years ago I was sent on a parts run. I thought I could get back in time to pick up the kids from the rural school at Oral, but while at the equipment dealership I could see that wasn’t going to happen. I called the school and told the teacher; she said she would be sure the boys were taken care of. Sure enough, when I arrived at the school there was a note on the door saying simply, “The boys are at Mary’s.”

That is what neighbors do — help out when needed whether it’s a big or a small assist. It is also vital that you ask for help, if necessary. Some needs are obvious but others are not.

A gal I know made a comment on FaceBook the other day, “Good neighbors are hard to find.”

It was quite a surprise to read that. Granted she lives in town; maybe she doesn’t have nice neighbors. It could be that her outlook on life causes her to have that negative belief. All I know is just in a recent week there was a great deal of helping going on in our neighborhood, most of it due to snow. Those who have big tractors, loader buckets and blades spent days cleaning snow in their own as well as neighbors’ properties. After the wind blew snow back in, the process was repeated.

No one took a video and posted it on the internet. No one called a national news station to report the good deeds. It is just what country folks do.

You can bet offspring observe how parents help — or don’t — and tend to emulate the adults. It is action, more than talk, that teaches. Imagine if you were the parent in the following scenario that I heard about today.

A very elderly woman withdrew money from an ATM but neglected to pick it up from the device. Within a few minutes a man found the money, turned it into the bank and the lady and funds were soon reunited. Now some would think it was no big deal, but to that woman, it was the world because it was her rent money for the month.

It is often around the holidays that we think of doing nice things for others, yet there are opportunities all year long. In this, let one message ring true; you are important and you are needed whether you are giving or receiving assistance.

Peggy writes from the family farm in southwestern South Dakota. She can be contacted at

Peggy Sanders

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