Petersen: Dudetime in the Rockies |

Petersen: Dudetime in the Rockies

Ahh, spring and summertime in the Rockies. Birds sing, the landscape shows off 40 shades of glorious green and tourists arrive — a trickle at first ­— but their numbers gradually increase over the season. They bring lovely dollars to regional economies and for that, they are much appreciated. They also give rise to many a chuckle in the hearts of local yokels. Warble the following to the tune of When It’s Springtime in the Rockies.

When It’s Dudetime In The Rockies

Oh, it’s Dudetime in the Rockies,

And the dudes are coming fast

“Leaving birthday suits exposedWhen the tourists come in Springtime”

With their waders and their fly rods

Oh, they dream of perfect cast

In their RV’s and their trailers

They are clogging up the roads

Oh, they park their rigs on Main street

And wear shoes with open toes

And they all have little doggies

That they carry like a purse

Or they lead big German Shepherds

My, it’s hard to say what’s worse

Oh, it’s Dudetime in the Rockies

And they’re coming here today

All the travelers from the cities

With their credit cards they’ll pay

And they love to spend their time at

A dude ranch far from town

Where the horses all are gentle

And the saddles soft as down

And the wranglers smile to see them

In their funny riding clothes

For they wear their chaps with nothing

Leaving birthday suits exposed

When the tourists come in Springtime

They’ll be coming here to play

Once again, we’ll say we love them

While their money flows our way

And we’ll wave goodbye in autumn

For we’re glad they didn’t stay

When it’s Dudetime in the Rockies

In the Rockies far awayyyy. ❖


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