Petersen: Me and the NRA |

Petersen: Me and the NRA

I’m a person who proudly supports

The NRA.

I pack a weapon for self-protection

Almost every day.

“I bought some bullets for my gun and signed a document; Then offered up my credit card, to pay was my intent.”

To legally carry a concealed gun,

A permit is always needed.

So, off I went to the weapons shop;

For a permit I then pleaded.

I bought some bullets for my gun

And signed a document;

Then offered up my credit card,

To pay was my intent.

The card got caught; it wouldn’t slide!

The clerk advised, “Strip down,

And face toward me while you do.”

“Huh?” said I and frowned.

Were these new rules by the NRA?

I wondered. But I obeyed,

And did just as the clerk instructed.

Then someone hollered, “HEY!”

As there I stood in my birthday suit

Folks all stared — enthralled

And suddenly, embarrassed, I knew

I’d misunderstood — all

Other patrons went hysterical

The noise grew overwhelming

The hullabaloo slowly subsided

(It had been alarming)!

For future shopping, I’ve been asked

To take my business elsewhere.

Now, I don’t blame the NRA,

But how that clerk did glare!

I wasn’t trying to show off;

I wasn’t sad or mad.

(As a matter of fact, I don’t think

I looked all that bad!)

But here’s the moral of this story;

My permit’s up to date —

If trouble comes, I’ve got your back —

Me and the NRA.❖

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