Pitts: Things I cannot change

Lee Pitts

As I write and look out my window into a total whiteout with blowing snow and well, more blowing snow. Here it is the 19th day of May and it’s been snowing since 6:30 yesterday morning when I went out to feed. WOW Charlie Brown! What gives?

I would like to change the weather today to like, well, 78 degrees and no more moisture for a week or so. I also have had a couple inches of rain with this snow and it is sloppy, sloppy and sloppy. Really, it’s a good thing. My pastures will grow grass like I wish I could grow hair when it warms up again.

Speaking of changing things, I would like to be able to change the minds of many folks in this country. I feel a great sadness when I watch the news and wonder how we got to where we are today.

I know from watching the “telly” that you can change the way you look. You can loose weight by eating this or that or not eating this or that. Why, you can have fat sucked off your gut, hips and buttocks and presto, your life will all of a sudden be much richer and you certainly will be more popular than you were.

“I would never ever want to change my children, my grandchildren or any of my family members. None.”

You can also get one of those “Lifestyle Lifts.” It’s true. You can go to this certain doctor and he or she can pull all of that loose skin around your face back behind your ears, whack it off and sew you up and you look 20 years younger.

Get this: You can also choose the sex of your next baby if you so desire. If you want a little girl, there are folks that can make it happen. No natural selection here, not if you choose some different trail. I would like to look younger but “cowboy pride” refuses to let me head off to a “man bun” hairdo with tighter skin, makeup, and a wool cap like Zach Brown wears.

I don’t know about the current crop of country and western singers. These days they look like street vagrants in their ripped up clothes, no clothes, long hair, beards, beads and maybe a church mouse hidden somewhere. I wish I could change some of that.

I sadly watch my little community change as “newbies” arrive and look for ways to make us a little more cultured and sophisticated. Kids still ride their bikes and skate boards down main street and folks walk their dogs to the post office and around town. Our little community still has that Mayberry appeal to it and myself, and folks like myself, are doing our darndest to influence new folks when the opportunity arrives. I hate it when I open the door for some guy at the post office, or anywhere else, and speak to them only to be totally ignored. Makes me want to punch’um in the back of the head. Shame on me.

I would like to change my bum knees, bad shoulder and sensitive lower back for healthier body parts without surgery and huge medical bills. But, there is that little saying that goes something like this … ”Lord, help me to accept the things that I cannot change!”

I would never ever want to change my children, my grandchildren or any of my family members. None. There are many things in life that I believe are here to challenge us to want to overcome the stumbling blocks in our path. All of what goes on in our daily lives builds our character and makes who we are and what we may become as a result.

Thanks to all y’all who faithfully read this little diatribe weekly and for sure I wouldn’t want to change that.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, send me some warm Texas sunshine, never weaken in the face of adversity, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖

Lee Pitts

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