Planning on a staycation |

Planning on a staycation

I had the opportunity to travel to North Dakota over the long Memorial Day weekend but decided against it at the last minute.

Reason being, I just didn’t feel like sitting in a hot RV while my husband spends three days mowing at our farm.

Oh, I could probably have read a book or gone into Grand Forks to shop. But I can do those things from the comfort of my home in Greeley. And, maybe I can do some hiking or biking or visit a zoo in Denver or Colorado Springs.

So, I decided to take Friday off so I would have a nice four-day weekend.

When I was in Alaska it was great fun to travel in the RV because everywhere we went was beautiful and had trails and fishing and touristy shops.

OK, this column is not going anywhere. The real reason I don’t want to go to North Dakota is that it is spring there. That means the wood ticks and mosquitoes will be out and I just don’t care to deal with them.

I remember one year, a friend and I decided to explore a grove of trees. It was spring and when we crawled out of those trees we were crawling with wood ticks. After that I was constantly thinking I had a tick on me.

And, now, there are dangerous ticks out in the wild, deer ticks in particular. I don’t know if North Dakota has deer ticks, but I’m not taking any chances.

Don’t need to see my name in all the state newspapers as the first woman to be bitten by a deer tick in North Dakota.

Then there are ticks that carry Lyme disease. I know people who have Lyme disease and it’s not something I want to experience.

And don’t get me started on mosquitoes and the fact that they can spread West Nile virus.

I need to quit writing now because I feel like I have ticks crawling on me and mosquitoes buzzing in my ears.

And as always on Memorial Day, I will be remembering all of the people who died fighting for our country. I hope you all will do the same. ❖

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