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Reading the West 11-19-12

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I know you were expecting Candy Moulton’s regular book review but she is away on a trip, traveling with her daughter to some ol’ historic sites. She asked me (her gal Friday ‘n friend) to do a book review so I’ll try my hand at introducing you to a “good read.”

I am sure that not everyone has heard of “Crackpot” … but it does exists … and so too does it’s most interesting Laird. In this amazingly honest and humorous book, Brian Inder, shares the story of a penniless, skinny young lad and his ingenuity to survive in early post-war Australia. With each page, we are immersed in how the hardest journeys can lead us forward through the adventure of life, if we only use a bit of common sense, determination, laughter and honest hard work … why you might end up a Laird of your own lands.

From finagling around government health inspectors and making milkshakes out of “artificial milk,” to assembling refrigerators, being a door-to-door salesman and a paint entrepreneur … what ever the job or circumstance, Brian manages to bring his own flare and opinion to all … often ending up with an empty pocket but another grand chance for adventure.

Brian leads us through his amazing life in Promised Land, Tasmania, where his imagination grows like the vast acres of lavender he raises. Here he creates the huge Tasmazia (hedge maze) for the enjoyment and delight of visitors. Named one of the top 10 family attractions in the world, the eight mazes are surrounded by hundreds of tiny houses and shops in the village of Lower Crackpot. From building tourism in Tasmania with the Sheffield Town Murals to “genuine Tasmanian” products, Brian becomes one of Tasmania’s leading and honored citizens … “in spite of the government.”

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“In setting down this story I have indulged in what I have always thought of as the extreme conceit — “The Great Biography! My Life and Times!” Who could be interested in reading about a life with no Churchill’s or Errol Flynn’s … just a kid trying to get from there to here?”

But his family and friends were interested and being the complete ’n correct gentleman, Brian fulfills their request in this outstandingly good read, “The Road To Lower Crackpot.”

Published by Arcadia (Australian Scholarly Publishing, this softbound lavender purple book will keep you reading and grinning from beginning to end. If you get the urge to travel, I know Brian would be more then happy to escort you through his village of Lower Crackpot … he’ll be the fella in the overalls ’n tweed coat … if he’s not in his kilt. Tell him Quackgrass sent you. ❖

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