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Remind me

 It seems, gentle readers, as the days go by, I need to be reminded of lots and lots of stuff. Stuff like, “remind me to change my clocks back an hour here in a couple of days.” Did I put the butter back in the fridge after fixin’ my breakfast? If I did I must have overlooked it as I can’t seem to find it. I went to the bank the other day and withdrew some cash and had them put it in one of their little envelopes. I must have dropped it when I went to the post office to mail some letters. I had it laying in the same stack as the letters in my pickup seat. Hummm. Well, somebody is $70-plus richer today. If you know anything about this and you found the money, heck, use it for Christmas but just remind me where you found it.

This thing about getting older and having more trouble remembering what you did and when and how you did it gets to be a real challenge for me. I don’t have to be reminded to get out of bed and make it down to the T Bar Inn for coffee and reconstruction of the world with mi amigos. Nope, that’s a given. Now, I didn’t say that gettin’ out of bed was easy and comfortable. It’s not. I’m down in the old lower back and it’s difficult to lace my work boots or whatever footwear I decide to wear for that day. Oh, while I’m thinking about it, I would tell you a “cow joke,” but I probably would butcher it! Har, har har. That was unnecessary and someone should remind me why I thought it was something I should share with y’all. 

I don’t have to be reminded to bring in more firewood. Yup, got that all taken care of as we are expecting some sure nuff winter weather for the next two days. We have had the 60s and 70s and later today my Cheyenne, Wyo., weather guy says we could be down in the 20s! What do ya think about that Charlie Brown? By the way, Charlie, remind Lucy that we all are getting as tired as you are of her jerking that darn football away when you try to kick it. They might just be able to find a spot for her on the Denver Broncos. Hey y’all, I’m just kiddin’, okay? Just trying to finish this column with a little levity! The Broncos in their last game began to resemble a real football team. It might be good to remind them of their win, loss record as they come out of a bye week and prepare to take the field again.

I got out some old photo albums a few days back and boy was I reminded of where I, we, came from. I was this real skinny guy that actually had hair. We were as broke as a guy peddling ice cream in Duluth, Minn., in January on a street corner. But I had all of the “want to” a feller needed to become a full-fledged ranch cowboy. I didn’t have to be reminded of what I wanted to do nor what it would take for me to get there. The world needs more COWBOYS!

I reckon the only thing I don’t need to be reminded of, is what it feels like to be an old man and have past memories to take you on those memorable trips that were so important in years past. Man, what a ride. I will tell y’all this, I have had one incredible exciting life and I was reminded of some of that life as I flipped the pages in the photo album. Some of it made me a little sad but most of those photos brought a huge smile to my face. I am reminded of what a blessed adventure I have been on. I would hope the same for all of you. Life is so precious. We lost a wonderful man here in our community this past week and he was such a good guy with so much to live for. God bless you Bobby!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember, I always say, “live to love and love to live!” I’ll c’ y’all, all y’all. 

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