Rural Coloradans deserve better leadership |

Rural Coloradans deserve better leadership

By Kristi Burton Brown, Chair of the Colorado Republican Party.

All Coloradans deserve better leadership than what we are currently seeing in Denver — but rural Coloradans are the ones who deserve the biggest upgrade in leadership.

Democrat leaders clearly don’t understand rural Colorado, nor do they care to try and understand or represent it. Nothing better signifies that fact than the situation earlier this month where Gov. Jared Polis’ appointee to the Colorado Veterinary Board made derogatory and despicable comments towards ranchers and those who have lost livestock to wolves. At one point, this far-left appointee, serving on a board tasked with guiding and enforcing standards for Colorado’s veterinary practitioners, called Colorado ranchers “lazy and nasty.”

What did Gov. Polis do about it? Absolutely nothing.

Instead of firing her like we demanded or stating that he disagreed with these disgusting comments, he instead marched his spokesman out to blame the Colorado Republican Party for highlighting these comments. While this appointee would eventually resign, it wasn’t because Polis did the right thing and demanded that she resign or apologize.

This situation follows many other examples where Polis and Democrats in Denver have chosen to target rural Colorado, our values, industries, jobs, or way of life. There has been a clear and targeted campaign against rural Colorado for years, I would argue that it has now become a mainstream part of the Democrat Party.

Jared Polis grew up in Boulder and in California. He doesn’t spend a lot of his time traveling to various rural counties across our state. He doesn’t try and understand the impact that his far-left policies and new taxes have on small farms, family ranches, or quiet communities. Instead, he only seems focused on getting on TV, climbing the next career rung, and getting enough votes out of Denver and Boulder to stay in his cushy government office.

That all-encompassing ambition by the governor has led him to lie to Coloradans for political gain. That disturbing dishonesty was on display a few weeks ago during the state of state speech.

In that speech, Gov. Polis lied through his teeth to the people of Colorado and at times just plagiarized the Republican agenda outlined by our party last August.

Jared Polis and the Colorado Democrats have spent more than a decade raising taxes, supporting policies that increase crime, and working day and night to wage a war on Colorado parents. But that wasn’t what Polis talked about. Instead, he stood up there and told us he would cut our taxes after he signed bills into law raising them — just last year. He told us he wanted to make Colorado safe, but his actions prove the opposite. Jared Polis has presided over Colorado’s worst violent crime wave in 25 years. He has sat on his hands while Colorado has become No. 1 in the nation for property theft.

I would say that state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg said it best when he wrote that the speech was the “most dishonest, disingenuous and arrogant speech” he had heard in his 16 years in the state legislature.

Let me be clear. Colorado Republicans are the only party in our state focused on kitchen table issues that are impacting parents and families across our state. Our Commitment to Colorado is focused on solving the issues that Democrats have created — issues like affordability, high crime, schools that aren’t delivering for all students, and yes, a devastating war on rural Colorado. We can do better, and we will do better — under Republican leadership.

I’m proud to serve as the chair of the Colorado Republican Party because I know we can save this state. I love spending my time talking with hardworking Coloradans across our state and I’m excited for this November when we elect new leadership for Colorado that will care and fight for everyone in our state.

Jared Polis, Michael Bennet, and Democrats in Denver have failed Colorado. We must all work together to elect Republicans who will fight for our water, our land, our families, and the future of our state. I look forward to seeing you along my travels and fighting alongside you as we retake our state and country this year.

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