Sanders: Earning your paycheck |

Sanders: Earning your paycheck

A local restaurateur said their company has hired over 35 employees in the past three years they have been in business. The high number represents turnover due to less than stellar employees. They simply were not willing to put forth effort of working, or for some of them, even showing up faithfully after they were hired. Supervisors on many levels often see this problem. Workers want the paycheck but do not see beyond that. They apparently don’t realize their responsibility in the agreement is that they do the work, the boss pays.

Every job, beginning with the part-time jobs or summer jobs, teaches you things. Who knows, a short stint at a department store could end up with you pursuing a career in fashion design or retail management. Even a high school student on a summer job needs to learn some basics. One of the tenets is the boss is the one who has the say about how things should be done.

In our area, tourism is vital. Being friendly and wearing a smile goes along with that. Genuinely caring for people is a big plus and it shows if you are just going through the motions and are not sincere.

Sometime ago I was in the Smithsonian Museum gift shop. As I approached the cashier to purchase a book, she scowled and acted like she was doing me a big favor by accepting my money. I thought to myself that if she were employed in South Dakota she would have been fired for such antics. That made me think some job tips might be in order.

“Summer jobs and part time jobs are valuable to future employment.”

Summer jobs and part-time jobs are valuable to future employment. Each time you learn something new, delve a bit deeper. Show interest in the job, not just the paycheck. You never know when that knowledge may come in handy. During my senior year of high school I had two morning classes, then I went to work in the Gambles hardware store. I learned that men preferred to buy car batteries from other men, never mind that I could read the same chart they used for reference. I also observed that tools often have extraordinary names. One day a man came in and asked for a bastard file. I was put off to think he would say such a thing. We walked to the file display and sure enough one of the packages was labeled bastard file. That was another lesson. Know your merchandise. During slow times at Gambles I dusted or rearranged which gave me more insight into the store’s inventory. Time seems to pass more quickly when you are busy on the job. When they occur you can always find something that needs to be done. Don’t just sit and twiddle your thumbs; you are not paid to do that.

To sum the advice on working are these phrases: be pleasant, be interested, be worthy of your paycheck. Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday about your work. You will be a better person for all of these steps.


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