Sanders: Exercise your right |

Sanders: Exercise your right

The only poll that matters is at the ballot box.

Congress, in its wisdom, passed the “Do Not Call List,” and as they frequently do with laws they pass — they excluded themselves. We are frequently receiving phone calls for candidate polling and it is tiresome. The mailers sent out by candidates that we have received weigh several pounds and it is two weeks until election day. How much valuable information can one put on a large format postcard? So far, it appears that a big, smiling photo of the candidate is the primary focus. Second to that are proclamations by the sender of this mailing that amount to three or four horrible things that their opponents would do, if by some awful fluke, the opponent gets elected. Few, if any, of these points are based in fact. They are designed to be scare tactics but they are just plain silly. Whether in the mail or on TV or radio, these are called attack ads. They remind me of children who are fighting over a toy and then have to come up with telling the bigger whopper in order to be awarded the toy. I think American voters in the center of the country are smarter than these campaign ads would lead one to believe.

Perhaps some potential voters feel they are being nagged about voting. If that’s what it takes, keep nagging. After every election I am appalled and saddened by the sparse turnout.

The first absentee votes were allowed for soldiers during the Civil War and the 1864 election. Again during World War I, soldiers could vote by absentee ballot, only for the duration of the war. Absentee ballots are allowed and each state sets their own rules.

“Perhaps some potential voters feel they are being nagged about voting. If that’s what it takes, keep nagging.”

Since 2003 South Dakota voters have to show a photo ID to vote, although there is a provisional ballot if they don’t have the photo ID. On the other hand there are 16 states that require no ID at all. Not surprisingly they are led by California, Oregon and New York. That baffles me. To obtain a library card I had to show a photo ID and two different proofs of local residence.

For those who grouse about needing a photo ID to vote, I’d like to know how they manage to do any of these things, that require a photo ID: apply for a job, unemployment, food stamps, welfare, Medicare or Social Security. Or if someone wishes to buy: booze, cigarettes, a gun or a cell phone. A photo ID is required to rent or buy a house or apply for a mortgage, or drive, rent or buy a vehicle, or a hotel room, as well as apply for a hunting or fishing or marriage license. You can’t get on a commercial airplane without photo ID and in some places you are not allowed to adopt a pet without one.

In other words whether a person is in a lower or higher income bracket, nearly every move is predicated upon having a photo ID and there are provisions for every adult to obtain one.

Please vote. ❖

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