Sanders: Feng Shui in the cow lot |

Sanders: Feng Shui in the cow lot

March is National Ag Month and it’s a great time to ponder some of the challenges with which agricultural producers contend. The weather is one of the factors neither men nor women can control, so we just keep telling ourselves that every flake of snow represents a blade of green grass down the road.

With the stress on people and cattle during this real winter I wondered if there isn’t something that could be done to make things go easier. I remembered a Christmas letter I received from a college friend, an Iowa farm girl turned career Air Force officer. After she retired from the Air Force, she purchased a house near Washington, D.C. In her letter she mentioned how peaceful her home is. She even had a Feng Shui consultant come to her house and actually pronounce it to be peaceful. To those of you who aren’t up on this Oriental philosophy to overcome the United States, let me try to explain it. Bear in mind that I learned the basics from the cover of a book called “Feng Shui for Dummies.” There really is such a book.

The theory has to do with peace, harmony and quietness, positive and negative vibes that are in a space. Since calving is going on I thought I might as well apply Feng Shui to the cow lot, maternity pen and pastures so all the cattle could enjoy abundant Chi (the Chinese word for energy). The biggest problem with Feng Shui and cattle is the cows tend to not be stationary objects. When they move around it changes the Chi. Sometimes if they are moving fast enough toward me, my Chi is highly activated. I have tried to explain to them that if the Feng Shui is good, they should not mind that we are trying to get them to line up for vaccinations, pregnancy checking or weaning.

Feng Shui is more than decorating. It is vital to have a consult when creating a plan for new buildings or businesses. If there is no “wealth” area in your barn or store, you just might go broke. Any Feng Shui consultant can help you create a wealth area, if you line their wallets with enough money for theirs.

“With the stress on people and cattle during this real winter I wondered if there isn’t something that could be done to make things go easier.”

The first thing to know is that when you are changing anything to follow Feng Shui, know that the consultant will suggest placement of objects to be sure they do not block the positive vibes. I read of a restaurateur in California (where else?) who chopped down a lovely tree that was growing out in front of his establishment. It seems it was blocking the Chi and his restaurant was not making a profit. I don’t know if business picked up after that but it should have due to the massive publicity his stunt instigated.

For any business, studying up on this theory might do your bottom line some good. Farmers and ranchers, good luck trying to get your livestock to cooperate. ❖


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