Sanders: Perplexed |

Sanders: Perplexed

My personal world is changing a whole lot faster than I can keep up. Take so-called “social media” — a mystery term that actually means no one has any privacy anymore, anywhere, anytime.

Invasion of one’s space follows one around in the form of “smart” phones, computers and mystery “apps.” Take facebook for instance. One’s name, face, history and how much one weighs is known anywhere on the planet, merely by somebody electronically typing one’s name. One ponders the question: Do deep-sea divers, astronauts, hermits or Pygmies in the darkest jungle carry electronic devices with them?


Facebook! I cannot comprehend it

“They tell me things as if I care about their kids and kin. They show me pics of eggs they’ve fried, Oh, please! Pass me the gin!”

Why does it exist?

What makes others think I care

About their personal lists

Of what they ate or what they saw

Of what they ate or wore

They send me memos and recipes

Of how they made s’mores

They tell me things as if I care

About their kids and kin

They show me pics of eggs they’ve fried

Oh, please! Pass me the gin!

But, hey, it’s how to make new friends

Is what my facebook claims

Make new pals with just a click

Collect a bunch of names

And oh, good grief, I’m soon flooded

With persons I don’t know

Friends of friends of friends of friends

All wanting me to go

Onto facebook and to share

My triumphs and my woes

Like what I use to brush my teeth

And do I wash my clothes

Strangers send me photos of

Vegetables they’ve grown

Or a kid they think’s the cutest child

The world has ever known

My facebook also asks for “comments”

On what it is I’ve viewed

I’m sometimes tempted to reply

In words considered crude

Social media is the pits

It just perplexes me

I’ll leave it all to young millennials

To solve the mystery

So, if you send me facebook stuff

Let me confess right now

I cannot answer back, my dear

Cuz frankly, I don’t know how!❖


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