Sanders: The not so merry go-round |

Sanders: The not so merry go-round

Here we go again, and again.

Agriculture is in the gun sights of some groups, and we ag producers can see the scopes. We have come under fire about ag education courses, lean beef trimmings and GMOs.

First, and this must have come as a shock to Colorado State University and South Dakota State University, the Yahoo website’s education page recently listed agriculture, animal science and horticulture in the top five list of most useless degrees. The No. 1 useless diplomas in their view are agriculture courses, which include crops, plant diseases, animal husbandry and basic veterinary science. No. 4 was animal science: animal breeding, reproductive physiology, nutrition, meat and muscle biology. Horticulture was named fifth in the top five. These include studies of crops, plant diseases, ag business and ag economics crop and fruit science.

Apparently the people who did this study do not eat. At least they have no idea where their food comes from. They obviously aren’t aware of the tragic lysteria outbreaks. It is researchers with these very degrees who have studied all manner of food problems and found solutions, often before the public was exposed. That is called food safety and it is one of the highest priorities.

“Any number of folks who are so enamored with where their food comes from have never stepped foot on a farm, yet they are experts.”

These are undoubtedly the same vocal, uninformed folks who said so many disparaging comments concerning the lean meat trimmings that are made into hamburger. They holler about not wasting and cry “recycle” at the drop of a hat. But let perfectly good beef, in small trim quantities, be mixed together to provide a sized portions of lean ground beef and finished with an anti-e-coli treatment (to protect consumers), suddenly those lean trimmings have a nasty nickname and are complained about loud and long. The vocal complainers are the same ones who hold themselves up as hallmarks of society because they recycle. I guess they do not realize that they are being hypocrites because this beef trim is indeed being reclaimed so it will not go to waste. When the lawmakers are generations removed from the farm, it is reflected in the regulations with which they attempt to harness producers. Piling on paperwork does not help, in fact it takes away from the time farmers can implement new ideas into their plans and actually farm.

Any number of folks who are so enamored with where their food comes from have never stepped foot on a farm, yet they are experts. They get their information from uninformed internet nuts that don’t know any more than they do. Someone started the rumor that GMO crops are not good. It has escalated to the point where consumers are scared to buy a bag of cashews if the label does not state, “Non GMO.” The sad part is there is no such thing as GMO cashews. If the consumer had educated herself with facts instead of believing rumors, she could have enjoyed her treat with no qualms. ❖


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