Short grass country

By Floyd Beard Cowboy Poet and Short Grass Philosopher

We were at church on New Year’s Day and everyone was wishing each other a Happy New Year.  We all were also lamenting that we hoped it would be a better year than 2022 which had just seen itself out the door.

   Many claimed they were not making any New Year’s Resolutions because they were futile. But not me. I resolve to lose some weight. Now, being a thoughtful planner I wanted to give my resolution the best chance for success, I, therefore, have been diligently fattening up since that wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Now I resolve to lose at least some of that gained weight. Since I gained 25 pounds since Turkey Day, I now resolve to lose a minimum of 2.5 to 3 pounds. Then knowing I trimmed down, at least 10%, of those unwanted pounds, I can feel good about my successful new year’s resolution. 

   I also plan to stick to this resolution for about one and a half months putting it all behind me (no pun intended) in time to enjoy the chocolates of Valentines Day in February.

   As I reflected on this New Year it struck me that it looked a lot like the leftovers that had set up semi permanent camp in our refrigerator throughout the recent holiday season. With that thought a poem came to mind. Enjoy!

Happy New Year from the Ranch

Another year has come and gone,

We celebrated New Year’s Eve.

This New Year is going to be better,

Or so they want me to believe.

Yet the politicians have the same agenda,

Cattle prices are down a bit.

Mortgage is still due at the bank,

And my banker don’t really give a whit.

My dog still likes me,

Gives me kisses and wants to play.

My cat still eyes me with disdain,

As if to say, “Just go away.”

My breechy cow is through the fence,

Grazing the neighbor’s feed.

Could be her ticket to go to town,

A new ranch might just fill her need.

Our old dog is at the door,

barking to let her in.

We just let her out a minute ago,

Now she needs back in again.

Easy girl you just got back in,

Now you need back out the door?

Okay, you are already asleep,

Curled up on the kitchen floor.

Yes it is a brand New Year,

Thou, it looks about the same.

So, let’s make it a happy one,

‘Cuz we do not have to learn a brand new game!

May you all have a Happy New Year. May all your calves grade prime. If you don’t have cattle, enjoy the Barbeque anyway! We ranchers raised an extra one just for you.

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