Small but mighty |

Small but mighty

As we start a new year, here are a few more good deeds that have been brought to my attention.

Years ago there was a childless couple who had gotten all arrangements made to adopt a baby boy. The final hitch in their plan was the baby was in Pierre, S.D., and they were afraid their old vehicle wouldn’t make the 450 mile round trip in the dead of winter. One of their friends who had a good car offered it to the couple to gather their precious cargo. They fetched the infant and he still resides in Fall River County, as do the owners of the car.

We often hear the term “pay it forward,” yet too often they are almost done in response to the person before you. Most often I hear of it concerning a fast food drive-up window where someone pays for his order as well as the next vehicle in line. I’ve always wondered what would happen if you ordered a cup of coffee and expected to pay for that, and all of a sudden you feel coerced into paying for the next order, then you find out it’s for four full breakfasts. It would be prudent to inquire before you commit to paying; you may not have the funds. Since it’s more or less forced it may not bring the satisfaction that another type of giving would.

Winter brings opportunities to help others like no other time of year. One city dweller in another state is self-employed and in his day-to-day business he doesn’t work by a clock. After a night snow he gets up early, clears off the sidewalks and cleans the snow off car windows for several of his neighbors, so they can start their days unimpeded

“We often hear the term “pay it forward,” yet too often they are almost done in response to the person before you.”

With the advent of ‘Go-Fund-Me’ accounts, giving may not seem as personal yet when gifts are from the heart, these gifts are just as carefully considered. It’s true that some people are much better at giving than receiving. Some don’t want to take “charity,” as it were, so individuals have to find a way around it. This past year when neighbors had health difficulties, one went along with a public fundraiser. The other couple wasn’t up to that for various reasons and people mailed them checks or asked their pastor to deliver money to the hurting family. In both cases the neighbors knew they were loved and the givers knew to whom their dollars went.

We all have had the good feeling after helping someone. In order to be able to do so as needed, an idea that works well is to set aside a bit of money from each paycheck to go into your “help others” fund. It’s fun to have a few dollars set aside for those times.

Even with all these gifts mentioned, truly the best thing to give is time. Visit neighbors and share with friends. Those are the memories that will last a lifetime. ❖