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Trivia Quiz Game

Batch No. 2 of Cowboy Cowgirl Trivia Quiz Game.

21 What is a beaver slide?

A) Where baby beavers slide off the creek bank.

B) the b-flat wail of a blues song on a clarinet.

C) a device for stacking loose hay.

22 What is a houlihan?

A) an Irish jig.

B) a particular roping toss for catching horses in a crowded corral.

C) a character name on M*A*S*H* TV series.

23 What is a cowdog?

A) a dog that stays with the herd at all times.

B) a dog that has a sloping “cowlike” head.

C) a stockdog used to help trail a herd.

24 What is a cantle?

A) the raised back of a saddle.

B) a church liturgy.

C) a candle with an extra long wick.

25 What is a saddlehorn?

A) what a rider toots when meeting another rider.

B) the beeper bell when going through airport security.

C) a leather-covered protuberance on the front of a western saddle where a cowboy can dally his rope.

26 What is a cinch?

A) a sure thing.

B) a wide strap or band that goes around the horse’s belly to hold the saddle on his back.

C) a Victorian woman’s undergarment.

27 What is a honda?

A) Japanese made auto.

B) a men’s cologne.

C) an eyelet in the end of a cowboy’s lariat for making a noose.

28 What is riding drag?

A) riding at the tail end of a cattle drive.

B) men dressing in women’s garments.

C) making a horse drag a tire around to get the animal over fear of dragging objects.

29 What is a wrangler?

A) speaker of either House.

B) once, a man who took care of the horses, now most any cowboy riding the range or herding dudes.

C) a wrestler who pins his opponent in under 10 seconds.

30 What is a remuda?

A) a non-alcoholic diet drink.

B) a Mexican dish.

C) a herd of saddle horses.

31 What is riding point?

A) someone who tests the wind direction by holding up a wet finger.

B) one who rides ahead to locate a camp spot for the night.

C) a rider at the head of the herd to slow them down.

32 What is riding swing?

A) a swing for kids adapted from a saddle, attached with rope to a tree branch.

B) a cowboy dance.

C) a rider at the side of the herd — behind the flank man.

33 What is a cattle prod?

A) a talk show host

B) a steer with a bad attitude.

C) a stick, sometimes battery operated, used to encourage cows to move on.

34 What are jinglebobs?

A) pearshaped metal ornaments that dangle from spurs or bits.

B) earrings with tiny bells.

C) short commercials in verse.

35 What are chaps?

A) a group of Englishmen.

B) what happens when you don’t use lip balm.

C) seatless leggings.

36 What are batwings?

A) presidential ears.

B) the webbed tissue on bats allowing flight.

C) wide leather seatless leggings.

37 What is a headstall?

A) a clogged toilet.

B) vice-president

C) part of the bridle that fits over the horse’s head.

38 What is a hogging rope?

A) after butchering, the rope used to hang the carcass.

B) lariat used to rope a boar hog.

C) short rope used to tie wild cattle to trees.

39 What is a hackamore?

A) a computer whiz kid.

B) a western bridle without a bit consisting of a headstall, a bosal, a mecate and a fiador.

C) a chonic respiratory ailment.

40 What is a bosal?

A) Hungarian grain and vegetable salad.

B) the noseband of a hackamore.

C) a fancy hair clip for long hair.

41 What are shotguns?

A) What Dick Cheney uses to impress his friends.

B) a gun that has been fired.

C) tubelike leather seatless leggings.

42 What is a mecate?

A) a Starbucks specialty coffee.

B) twisted horsehair or cotton rope used on a hackamore for reins and lead rope.

C) a vegan meal.

43 What is a slick ear?

A) what happens after frost bite.

B) a term used to designate an unmarked animal or a maverick.

C) Rod Blagojevich.

44 What are Prairie or Mountain Oysters?

A) tiny mussel-like creatures found in creek beds.

B) dried buffalo dung — what early pioneers used for fuel.

C) breaded, deep-fried items removed from bull calves during branding. Considered a gastronomic treat by cowboys.

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