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Stop the world

Gentle readers, there was an old country song I think titled, “Stop the world and let me off!” Man, Charlie Brown that is purty much where I am at present. I hear different news every day that is so depressing I sometimes cannot believe what I’m hearing. I’m at the point where I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to just stop the world and rewind back to more civil and more enjoyable times. I got my ballot for my county elections yesterday and voted and mailed it right back in. It made me feel better to know I was so dependable, at least to myself, on issues like this. Voting is so important during the upcoming elections. It’s something we MUST do if we are EVER going to stop the world from spinning out from under us. I’m whining and my thoughts just turned to the folks over in Ukraine who many have lost everything and maybe their families in this tragedy. So sad. Then there are those folks down in Florida who have gone through another horrific hurricane and have nothing left but their will to find a way and a desire to start from scratch. All I really need to do is look out the window to those beautiful and majestic Rockies. They have a way of just lending me some calm and reassuring moments that allow a moment of peace to override my troubled thoughts. If the world did stop spinning, I certainly would just fall off I reckon and then where would I be? Sometimes there seems to be no common sense answer. We really are going to have to find the strength to take all of this crap head on and like they say, “take the bull by the horns.” That never made sense to me. Like, well, I’ll just grab this ol’ bull by the horns and he will give up and run off and leave me alone.

No, he won’t. He will run smack dab over you and you will look like that ol’ gal up in Wyoming that tried to pet a bison. He left her with no pants on as he wore them on his horns and she was beaten and bruised all over.

Actually, there must be some sort of a comparison to her incident and the mess we keep finding ourselves in on a daily basis.

I’m sad to say my adopted state of Colorado is rated eighth in the nation for crime. Wonderful, that’s just wonderful. It’s also number one when it comes to stolen vehicles! How about that? Makes ya proud to be number one, don’t it? I’m sure glad on this 20th day of October that it’s almost 70 degrees outside and not 10 below with snow blowing sideways. If it was a hard winter day I really would be depressed. I did lose my remaining sister this week down in Texas. What a wonderful sweetheart she was. She was some older than my brother and I, and now we are the last of our family as my other sister passed a few years ago as well as mom and dad. Hey, that’s life. We accept the things we cannot change and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I have a handy man coming out to get under my house and replace some insulation around the pipes underneath. I had a small water leak and in order to find it’s exact location a lot of pipe had to be stripped and wet insulation removed. I promised family I would not get under my house or on top of it ever again. I lied, but by being onery I did discover the water leak a couple of weeks back.

Our old world will keep spinning as designed, and we will continue to deal with whatever comes our way and be joyful at every opportunity. Actually, I’m getting more joyful by the minute. As a sidebar, I’m running out of calendars, so, if you need one, please let me know right away before we are sold out. Jack Hanks, P.O. Box 825, Wellington, CO 80549 Email, Thanks, stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, life is precious, so please be kind to one and all!, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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