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That special paper


There are a good many of you gentle readers out there I suppose looking for that special paper.

It might be the registration papers coming back from the American Quarter Horse Association on that once-in-a-lifetime horse you just bought. It could be that it’s that teen looking for his or her driver’s license. Maybe a young soon-to-be-bride waiting for that marriage license. I hate to say it, but maybe it’s a divorce decree, let’s hope not. Maybe you just paid off that truck and you are waiting for the title to come in your name. Like me when I finally paid off the ONO I couldn’t hardly wait to see those special papers. Here’s a story of a young soldier who was waiting for a special piece of paper.

The private after drills and on his own time there in boot camp could be seen every day wandering around looking at the ground. He was always looking at the ground. The first sargent approached him and ask what he was doin’? “Oh, I’m just looking for a special piece of paper,” the young soldier replied. “Okay, as long as yer lookin’ around for paper, why don’t you just pick up all these cigarette butts from here clear over to the mess hall?” “Yes sir sargent, I’ll get right on it,” and he did. Just the same, every day he was seen just ambling around looking at the ground as if he expected to find something special. Each and every time the sargent caught him he would give him some ridiculous task to do and the private willingly did whatever he was asked to do. Finally after months of this, the sargent told the private to come with him. He took the private in to see the captain who was in charge of the company. The captain told the private that it was his understanding that all the soldier wanted to do was waste time wandering around looking at the ground for a special piece of paper. “Here’s what the Army is going to do Private Williams, we think you are not fit for military duty and you would be a hazard on the battlefield so I want you to sign this paper here. It’s your discharge from military service and then you are free to go home.” The private quickly signed the papers and exclaimed, “OH THANK YOU CAPTAIN SIR, THIS IS THE SPECIAL PAPER I HAVE BEEN LOOKIN’ FOR ALL THIS TIME!”

I hope all of you and yours have a safe and fun Halloween and I know all of the dentists are thrilled to see this fun time come around each and every year. Which reminds me I do have a dentist appointment in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, have some fun at your own expense every chance you get, and Lee, dear friend, so sorry to hear of your health issues. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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