The iPhone steak emoji |

The iPhone steak emoji

Over the weekend, we moved our last group of cows from a pasture down the road to a corn field adjacent to the home place. With four-wheelers in both ditches, a pickup leading the way and following behind, plus a few vehicles parked to block crossroads, it took quite a crew to direct the herd three miles home.

On the cattle drive, there was plenty of communication via our iPhones. Whether it was rerouting traffic or making sure the neighbors’ cows didn’t try to join in on the walk, cell phones certainly made the job easier.

The advent of smart phones has streamlined the way we do business in recent years. With apps to help us monitor water tanks, feed intake, breeding schedules, semen tank inventory, commodity markets and more, there are many advantages we have today in the cattle business that we didn’t have available to us even 10 years ago.

And it’s not just millennials taking advantage of emerging trends. The average age of the U.S. rancher today is 58 years old, and many are extremely adept at utilizing these apps, new features and advanced production technologies to streamline their day-to-day jobs and accelerate their goals on the ranch.

“To use the steak emoji in your next text, download the latest Apple software updates on your iPhone.”

Even texts have evolved over time. Today, we can send a message complete with emojis to more accurately illustrate what we want to say. Yet, despite the many emojis available to us, we’ve always lacked in a few critical ones, like steak, for example.

With the most recent iOS 11.1 software update, Apple has released 70 new emojis, and it’s exciting that steak is among them! Other new additions include a pretzel, sandwich, coconut, pie, broccoli, hat, mittens, socks, zebra, giraffe and dinosaurs, just to name a few.

The beef checkoff is praising the new addition, saying on its Facebook page. “We are huge fans of the new steak emoji just released on the iPhone!”

Bridget Wasser, executive director and meat scientist for Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner, adds, “We have never seen a cut of steak quite like it. This steak would pair well with the wine, salad and vegetable emojis in all social media and text communication. We’ve got no beef with this steak — we think it’s the most flavorful emoji yet.”

To use the steak emoji in your next text, download the latest Apple software updates on your iPhone. It’s a simple update, and I think you’ll love the results!

Ramp up your texting and social media updates with the new steak emoji. It’s the perfect addition to the latest update, and I’m excited to see beef has its place in this method of communication. Beef, it’s still what’s for dinner, and now we can text about it! What’s more exciting than that?❖

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