The right to work

We have a “right to work” status here in Colorado. I understand it to mean that if one goes to work for a unionized company, they don’t have to join the union. I can also remember a time, gentle readers, when everyone worked. Yup, as a lad growing up until up in my 60s, seemed to me that everyone worked and plus all that, everyone either had to work or wanted to be working. What would be our purpose on this earth if we didn’t have that desire to be productive? I can understand that if a person or persons having grown up under the welfare system or had to have public assistance to exist, they sure might be slanted in their thinking about holding down a job, paying taxes and contributing for the good of us all.

I, like most in my generation, had summer jobs or chores to do since we were children. My brother and I were required to help mom keep the house cleaned and in the summer the garden had to be planted, weeded and of course, harvested and then there were black-eyed peas to be shelled, green beans to be snapped and so forth and so on. We raised rabbits and they had to be harvested and go on with the next bunch. My generation grew up with jobs. WORK IS WHAT ONE DOES! Everybody works at something or other doing this or that. Even as a kid I realized the value of work and how important it was to try and be reasonably good at whatever your job was. In secret I would doodle on my Big Chief Tablet and hope someday to be somewhat of an artist and guess what? Here I is!

It is hard for me and folks like me to try and understand our world today. Especially today! Everywhere you look there are help wanted signs. Big sign on bonuses for different types of work and yet, most of those jobs are still available. A lot of young folks and even some middle aged folks just are not going to participate. Nope. They got other things to do. Things like stick their collective heads into that little plastic computer that has a phone in it and play all sorts of games or look up whatever on the internet. I mentioned some time back that this high tech age would be our demise. I think we are at the train station now. It saddens me, it really does. I have always enjoyed having a job of some kind and being able to be busy making something of value happen.

When the Covid experiment hit, everything seemed to just go to pot. It was new. It was made to be VERY SCAREY and we all just sort of hunkered down waiting for the fall out. It seems at the end, it was not near as bad as we were lead to believe and could have been better if the World Health Organization and our own health care representatives had allowed us to use some of the more simple and cheap meds and I don’t believe now that the death losses would have been what they were. We all know someone who died from the Covid and many of the cases are so different in different places and at different times. Oh well, it’s done. Maybe not. Seems to this old cowboy the “fear factor” is on it’s way back around.

I would love to see folks fall in love with “work” again and not “woke.” It would be so much better if folks got their heads out of their apps, got out in the sunshine, rolled up their sleeves and WENT TO WORK! Personally, I don’t think we will ever see everyone working hard to put all of this fractured society back together again. We will be like ol’ Humpty Dumpty wishing someone would take charge and lead the way back to productivity and well being for us all. 

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember if you go to the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas, what you do there may not stay there. Just sayin…I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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