The things that bring me joy |

The things that bring me joy

Tales from the O-NO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, my little dictionary defines “joy” as a feeling of happiness that comes from success, good fortune or a sense of well being. Well, me thinks that leads us into what is the definition of success? Personally I’m thinking that it’s up to us to decide if we have been or are we successful? Oh well, I don’t want to stray too far away.

I just came in from sitting on the front deck like old guys do watchin’ the world pass me by. I felt a sense of joy as I focused on those, my, your beautiful Rocky Mountains. There is a heavy presence of dark clouds lurking above them as if they could drop and envelop the whole mountain range at any moment. The peaks and valleys of those Rockies are covered in snow and the sun causes shadows to dance up, down and back and forth across the surface of the majesty of it all. I felt JOY, a lot of peace and yes, a sense of satisfaction of success and for sure a sense of well being.

Yep, I’ve had issues with my eyes here of late and all the other ailments that old cowboys come face to face with when we get a little long in the tooth. Truth is, if I reflect on some of the problems that others have, I can feel ashamed for wanting to whine on occasion as I rise in the morning trying to get all of the parts in motion. I have a friend in a very dark place as I write this. His future may be limited to a few weeks or a little longer and I hurt for him. I hurt for him a lot. I’ve tried to call but his phone is off the hook.

I was joyful in McEatwhatever today as a little boy about to turn 3 carried on a conversation with me that I could almost make sense of. We waited in line and he was ahead of me with his dad and lookin’ up at me as if I was something or someone who might be of interest to him. “How ya doin’ Buckwheat?” I offered. His dad grinned and the little one started to chatter like a parrot and I just felt good!

I am joyful when a total stranger smiles at me and offers up a “hi, hello, or how are you?” Speaking of total strangers, I had an hombre call me last week out of the blue and inform me that my kids and I had some royalty monies being held in suspense by an oil company we are familiar with. It goes back to my father-in-law who left future exploration of the location to “Little Miss Martha” many, many years ago. He hopefully offered to handle all the paperwork for me for half of its value. I declined his offer and am in the process of getting the royalty interest headed our way. I’m joyful over that. Holy Moly children, one never knows what tomorrow might offer up. I’m sad in a way that Martha is not here to receive what is rightfully hers.

Little kids, glorious sunsets, good friends, gentle ponies, good health, a super sense of humor, and a good country dance makes me joyful. Well, of course if you toss in an oil well or two, certainly is frosting on the cake. There is a little plaque in my house that says, “if we took our problems and hung them like wash on a line, you’d take yours and I’d take mine.” Dang it, keep yer grubby hands off my wash is what I say! Life is to be lived. I wonder many times when I see folks so disabled or unable to function without constant help how they manage that smile on their face. That also brings me peace and joy and appreciation for all that I have, have had, and hope to have in the future. How about you?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, count yer blessings and give a big “howdy” to those you don’t know. It just might make them joyful! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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