These boots are not just for looks |

These boots are not just for looks

On Saturday July 17, 2021 Colorado State House District 64 Rep. Richard Holtorf, R-64th district, a proud third-generation rancher working the land and serving his district from sunup to sunset was recognized for his tireless efforts representing Colorado Agriculture by Colorado Independent Cattle Growers Association in Craig. The president of CICA Curt Werner presented the 2021 Legislator of the Year Award. CICA stands up for the families behind each ranch, farm and community by preserving the freedoms of the Colorado Independent Cattle Growers. Their mission is straight to the point, to actively promote policy that will beneficially affect the live cattle industry at the local, state and national level, securing and preserving a viable livelihood for present and future generations. CICA President Werner said, “we chose Richard for the award because he has always stood up for the cattle industry and has been truly outspoken in defense of agriculture.” No matter the time of day or evening, Richard will take a call or participate in conference calls with CICA while on the back of a horse, or tractor.

As your representative Holtorf is watching the cattle, standing up and fighting for HD 64 and rural Colorado and our Western way of life every day at the state capitol. As well as legislation changes that can affect all, recently one such change is the redistricting taking place. Colorado is undergoing redistricting based on county populations and location. The Colorado Supreme Court must order that the approved congressional map be filed with the Secretary of State by Dec. 15, 2021. Where on the map are you going to be with your representative, your way of life and your community?

Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commissioners are: Carly Hare (U, CD 4), Chair, Jolie Brawner (U, CD 1), Vice-Chair, Martha Coleman (D, CD 2), Moussa Diawara (U, CD 5), Paula Espinoza (D, CD 4), Jason Kelly (R, CD 3), William Leone (R, CD 7), Danny Moore (R, CD 6), Lori Smith Schell (U, CD 3)Julie Marie Shepherd Macklin (R, CD 6), Simon Tafoya (D, CD 1), Elizabeth Wilkes (D, CD 5) You can find the map of where you may lay in the redistricting plan at, Next time you look down at someone’s boots you will see a story about how hard they work for their family and yours.

Written by Juliet Lundy with information provided by Colorado State House District 64 Rep. Richard Holtorf.


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