To make a man |

To make a man

To quote a young woman according to Epoch Times,” Seems like every time I go on a date, I find myself sitting across from a modern, effeminate, and weak man.” WOW! That says a lot, don’t it? Obviously, he wasn’t a fireman, first responder, lumber jack, carpenter, or best yet, a cowboy! “Where have all the good men gone?” another young woman pondered. I would agree that a “good man,” doesn’t have to be a man with rough hands, a toned up body and a sense of, “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!”

Gentle readers, when I grew up in the 40s and 50s, there was little doubt where all of the good men were. At least the men that you knew for sure were “real men.” I was surrounded by oilfield hands, cowboys and farmers. Yes, I had some teachers, like my coaches, and others that I would consider to be real men. I would never, ever give them any lip. No sir!

I see so many young men today that have soft hands, fancy clothes, and an effeminate way they seem to carry themselves.

To be honest here, I would rather see them like that than if they were bullies and had to beat and shove others around or stick a pistol in their face to prove what real men they were. They aren’t real men and neither is the guy in the fancy dockers, shoes and Ralph Lauren accessories. I’m sure there are those girls that prefer that sensitive sort of feller that will fill their needs. That is until they meet that “real man.”

I see advertisements with men (boys) all dressed up in heels, skirts and makeup to boot. My uncles that fought in the big war are turning over in their graves. Especially Uncle Bun. A paratrooper who was captured by the Germans during the invasion of Normandy. He escaped only to be captured again and once more he escaped. Barely in his early 20s and having to take on the responsibility that was placed on him. Heck, all those kids on those landing crafts, scared to death as they approached the beaches on that terrible day, did what was expected of them.

What does it take to make a man today? I think first, daddy needs to put down the Xbox and take his son outside to play catch, go to a ball game or just jog through the park. It helps if he is able to put him on a tractor, a good horse or maybe with the fence building crew or the windmill man. Won’t take him long to build a confidence level that will take him through life. The oil field is another good place where a man can become a man in a very short time. Maybe on a fishing boat out on the high seas?

At my age it is so easy to be critical of young men. However, most of the young men I come in contact are working men or are in school trying to get a better education. On the other hand, I see so many young women in agriculture these days that weld, raise livestock, farm or “cowboy” for a living. I have mentioned the “women’s ranch bronc riding” at Cheyenne Frontier Days. There are gals out there that are tough as nails, as knowledgeable at their skills as any guy and many are better at it. I always tried to employ the cowboy’s wives and daughters at the times I needed their help and they were willing to get a horseback or shove steers or cows down the alley to be processed.

I don’t know what’s around the corner for me and you and those we love. I do know this, we need real men and real women to step up and just, well, just “git’er done!”

It appears that some of our schools are trying their best to make decisions for our kids regarding their sexuality and that really disturbs me. They have one job and that is to prepare our kids for the next step in life when it comes to their education. They ARE NOT to socially engineer them or try and mold them to be something out of bounds in the society in which we live. It used to be, "live and let live," for me. Not so much any more. There are just too many “freaks,” there, I’ve said it, “freaks” in the world we live today wanting to get in our business. Okay, I reckon that will conclude my sermon for today. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, Mad Jack, Chapter 15, verse 5, “things never turn out exactly as you expected them too!” I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

One more thing, THANK YOU folks that have purchased your calendars and all of your kind words. They mean more to me than you might realize. By the way, I have calendars yet, and I did purchase some sheets from the “pillow man.” They were acceptable.