Touting the benefits of GMOs |

Touting the benefits of GMOs

Growing up in agriculture and now pursuing a degree in agricultural media and communications, it is a responsibility of mine to be able to advocate for what is needed for the future of agriculture. A common misconception is that genetically modified organisms or GMOs are harmful to the environment.

I spoke with a farmer and seed dealer from Kansas, Dave Walker. When speaking with Walker, I asked what his opinion was on GMOs was. When talking about GMOs, he stated that “every farmer, and he especially, really appreciate GMOs because it has decreased the number of harmful chemicals used on their farms, unlike past chemicals used before the invention of GMOs.”

While GMOs are constantly changing, it is always changing for the better. According to Amy Replogle, a crop service adviser from Oklahoma, biotechnology allows for “the benefit of better overall plant health that in turn boost production to feed a growing global population.”

Speaking with Walker, he said that GMOs are helpful to the environment in many different ways. “Pollution is being eliminated along with fewer tillage passes in the field and aerial passes with equipment,” said Walker. Replogle agreed with Walker’s statement and said, “Farmers are using pesticides that are safer for humans and the environment.”

As an advocate for agriculture and what all it has to offer, we have to do research and have benefits to what we are producing so we can continue to provide food and other goods to the growing population. It has been shown that GMOs are helping the environment instead of making it worse, along with them not being harmful to humans or animals. We have also come a long way in what we are producing and how we are producing it, so we do not run out of ways to feed the 99%.


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