Vote: Let your voice be heard |

Vote: Let your voice be heard

There is an important election coming up and if you are not happy with the way the U.S. is being run, you need to vote.

There are several issues that I’m not happy with, one of them is inflation. I am so tired of hearing President Joe Biden say that inflation in the U.S. is not as bad as in other countries.

President Biden must have gotten together with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calf., to get their message about inflation straight

“Inflation is there but it’s global and not as bad as it is in some countries. We’ll have to message it better in the next three weeks ahead,” Pelosi told Punchbowl News. “I think we’re in great shape. Other people don’t want to believe that.”

“Our economy is strong as hell,” the president said. These people are out of touch with the people they supposedly represent, and they need to be reined in.

Pelosi also said the Republicans “have nothing” when it come to dealing with inflation. I beg to differ. One reason that prices for good are so high is because the cost to transport these goods has skyrocketed because the Democrats have hampered the oil and gas industry.

I say drill baby drill.

It is ridiculous that we are begging Venezuela for their dirty oil and holding back permits for drilling here in the U.S. Not to mention we are sending billions of dollars to the Ukrainians to help them fight the Russians and at the same time are paying OPEC — Russia is a member of OPEC — for their oil.

I am also not happy with the state of our southern border. There needs to be a safe, stable way for people to come into this country.

I don’t blame people for wanting to come to America, but they need to earn their citizenship legally.

The open border also opens the country up to Mexican crime cartels that bring harmful drugs into the U.S.

“The violence has continued unabated throughout Mexico month after month: For a few days in August, drug cartels and gangs went on a rampage across four states, firing on police and troops, burning businesses and vehicles, and shutting down roads and businesses, including in Celaya. Days later, the son of Celaya’s mayor was assassinated outside a pharmacy. More violence this week forced schools and universities to cancel classes in Zacatecas state,” according to The New York Times in an article that ran on. Aug. 31, 2022.

The crime in large U.S. cities also concerns me.

“A survey by the Major Cities Chiefs Association revealed that, while homicides and rapes are down in urban areas of the U.S. compared to the same point last year, violent crime, in general, has increased by 4.4%, and the rate of violent offenses remains much higher than before the pandemic,” according to an article in USA Today.

I believe that the calls to defund the police by several Democrats and the actions of some big city attorney generals is the cause.

“Compared to 2019 midyear figures, MCCA member cities have experienced a 50% increase in homicides and a roughly 36% increase in aggravated assaults,” the Major Cities Chiefs Association said in a statement. “These shocking numbers demonstrate how the sustained increase in violent crime has disproportionately impacted major urban areas.”

There are several other issues that need to be resolved in this country and I, for one, plan to do something about it by voting.

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