We’ve come a long way

Well gentle readers, it seems at times as if we have come a long, long way since our country was founded. Or have we? Our forefathers, the men that set up our present style of government were considered to be men of courage and determination.

Given the fact that they wore powdered wigs, high-heel shoes, blouses with ruffled collars and sleeves and mostly were polite to one another. However there were those times when push came to shove and a duel was the only solution.

Seems to me that some men today are a little too “girly” to suit my taste of what a man should be all about. I keep hearing about how in some cases where little boys in preschool are being pushed to be whoever and whatever they feel like they need to be when it comes to their gender. Be more accepting of all those around you and I reckon in some cases that’s an OK thing.

Wait! Who gets the right to tell anyone of us we have to be accepting of everyone and everything? Frankly, I don’t have to accept anyone! I may have to tolerate some folks I don’t care to hang with but I dang sure don’t have to accept them.

“Seems to me that some men today are a little too “girly” to suit my taste of what a man should be all about.”

There are things that we have to accept. I had to accept the fact that my hair was falling out, that I did indeed have prostate cancer and that Little Miss Martha was going to die. There are things that we have to accept at times but there should never come the time that we are made to accept folks that are like a burr under our saddle.

I delight each and every time I watch a little britches rodeo or any rodeo where kids can participate. Some as young as 4 or 5 years of age will punch a hole in the wind on their fast ponies and they look as if they have ridden for years. Strong, tough and lovable little ones that some day will be running this country. YEAH! Even when they are being interviewed they seem so on top of everything and are able to converse with adults in an adult-like fashion.

I know there is a push to make men softer and more like their female counterparts. Heck, there was a library in our area that had a drag queen come and perform for the children. WHAT? See where some of this is headed. I am soooo glad that I am just an old country boy, a cowboy, a man of the soil and sweaty saddle blankets. A sore back, troubled knees and aching joints is more than enough to make me feel as if I belong to “the real man’s club” like many other occupations that tough men have. Men with soft voices, kind and sensitive hearts but tougher than a wildcat in a Wyoming wind storm! My dad was that man. I wish I could talk with him again!

This column was not written to condemn anyone’s lifestyle or occupation. We all have choices and we should never push our choices or our way of life on our neighbors. The way we live and and conduct ourselves will either encourage those around us to move in our direction or move away. There have been folks in my cowboy world that I chose to move away from and some I chose to be more like them. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and always check the ol’ “stach” when you have a runny nose! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖