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What now?

I’m wondering what now? When you picture America, what vision do you get?

I don’t see Ward Cleaver with his pipe advising the “Beaver” about this or that. I don’t see Linus discussing the possibility of global warming with Lucy in Peanuts any more.

Let me back track just a wee bit gentle readers and bring forth some issues that disturb me greatly. We recently have had two prominent socialites (women) with a choke hold on our two most prominent generals! How does something like that happen? We had four Americans killed in the line of duty and two of those were soldiers that disobeyed orders and risk their lives to save others. They had hoped they would get some help and they didn’t and they died bravely along with our ambassador to Lybia and his bodyguard. How sad. We can’t seem to get any answers to why and how it all happened.

John Wayne and Spiderman would have also lost their lives under those circumstances. Those two above mentioned generals are supposed to be a cut above the rest of us mere mortals. They both may be good men who made critical mistakes when crossing the line and getting involved with attractive and seductive women. It takes two to tango. America is at stake!

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Presently I think we are teetering on the edge of the abyss and the dirt is chipping away. Patriots in all 50 states (not 57 Mr. President) have requested petitions to succeed from the U.S. Of A. The opposition I heard today has stated, “deport all of those folks or throw them in jail.” Where do you deport American citizens when you can’t even deport folks that are here illegally?

What now? Will the donkeys and the elephants find common ground and save America or will they continue to say “na na na nah, my way or the highway?” Personally, I deep down believe that America is the very best place on this earth with the best people that there are anywhere and if there is a problem, we can and will solve it. However, I must say that for those folks out there that have a sense of entitlement and that the rest of us tax payers and hard working folks need to provide for those that choose not to work has got to stop. It has to stop! Shame on you!! The Dept. of Agriculture according to The Washington Post has requested a $100 billion a year that will fund food stamps and determine farm policy for the next five years. Get this: 80 percent of the farm and nutrition bill goes to the food stamp program! One in seven Americans receives some help from the government. I am one of those because I receive Social Security, but by golly I paid for it and if the Government hadn’t borrowed billions and billions from it to pay for the Vietnam war it might be solvent today. I said it might be. What now?

Let me close by saying the Fence Post remains neutral and may or may not reflect my views. I know from you readers that many of you feel as I do and you want a voice.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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