Johnson: When fun hurts |

Johnson: When fun hurts

It’s fall and what better way to celebrate than a trip to a corn maze. Took my two grandkids to The Fritzler Corn Maze just south of Greeley, Colo.

It was great fun, but I’m definitely starting to feel my age. As I normally do when I take my grandkids out on an adventure I participate with them.

The one activity that I skipped was climbing into a big bubble that was tossed into a swimming pool, only because I didn’t think I would fit in the bubble. But it was hilarious watching the grandkids thrashing around and trying to run in the bubbles.

So I rode the mini rollercoaster barrel train, jumped on the pillows, pedaled the four-wheel go-carts, slid down the enormous slide and wandered through the corn maze.

Whoa, I might have overdone it. It took me about three days to recover. My back was killing me, probably from bouncing on the pillows and riding over the bumps on the barrel train.

Then to top it off, we went to a pumpkin patch. I’m pretty sure between the corn maze and the pumpkin patch, I walked about 10 miles that day.

The last time I was that exhausted was when I took the grandkids to the trampoline park. Wow, who knew jumping up and down on trampolines and climbing around in bouncy houses for three hours would be so hard on a person?

The next day I felt like I had been run over by a steamroller.

I’m either going to have to act my age or make more trips to the gym so I can keep up with the grandkids. ❖


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