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Where are the adults?

Sometimes I wonder, gentle readers, how big a void we have in this country or in this world of adults. Folks that we put our trust in or admire for some reason or other wind up doing something totally unexpected and we are again disappointed in the human race.

Randy Travis, country and western singer and one of my all time favorites, was arrested nude and drunk in his vehicle. But Randy I thought you had found your peace in religion and that’s where you were taking us all in your music recently. I thought that was a really neat thing for you to be doing. Not only was Randy nude and drunk he also fought with the arresting officers. This, by the way, was his second arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct in recent months. Randy, son, I am so disappointed in you!

Have you been tuned in to the political ads of late for the next President of our great country? Of course you have there is no way around it. Here we have two, supposed to be adults, grown men, which one or the other is going to be the leader of the complete free world! The ads are so disparaging, so sad, such a lack of any human decency it makes me want to throw up.

Where are the adults in this country? Has it always been this way? I’m thinking that it has. I remember when Jerry Lee Lewis, that country rocker, married his 13-year-old cousin! What’s that all about?

Almost every time you turn on the “telly” we find another teacher or adult in some position of authority has been arrested for molesting a minor child. It’s crazy. Remember Michael Jackson? How can you make any part of that okay? I don’t care how talented he was or what impact he had on the music world, he was disgusting from my point of view.

You may be wondering if I, Mad Jack, do childish things from time to time? Hummmmm, let’s see. How about the time that I … no that wasn’t childish, that was being stupid.

We need leaders in this country and we need good leaders with some moral fiber and folks that are not afraid to stand against the tide.

I see more women at times with more guts than some of their counterparts stand firm in what they believe and girls you make me proud! We have gotten so soft, so weak kneed, so milk toast and so terribly afraid that someone is going to consider us not politically correct we lose our bearing. I can’t help but think of all those men and women who literally gave their all in time of war and conflict or here at home protecting and serving in a civil way. Was it all for naught? We can do better.

We can be silly at times, act like little kids at times, and have our fun and nobody is the worse for wear. When it comes to the serious stuff, we need more folks that will stand up and be the role models that all of us need. Like the little kids that go out and raise money selling lemonade to give to the recent fire victims. They learned that from some adult somewhere. We need more of you. As far as the political ads, brace yourself, it’s going to get uglier and more childish. What a reflection on our society!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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